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Another fun work day starts, hanging with my pal @tonydanza on his and @joshgroban’s new @netflix show, #thegoodcop” -we called each other ahead to dress alike, uh, sorta.

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My new special #zerotosixty is just now today watchable on amazon prime!!! so happy so many people like it. here’s the link—> amzn.to/2gfdvwa

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Having a blast playin’ richie knight, a talk show host on #thegoodcop @netflix with @tonydanza & @joshgroban - photo credit: @tonydanza 📷

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Having so much fun guesting on my new friend (formerly acquaintance) @joshgroban on his new @netflix show also starring @tonydanza called “the good cop.” you’re gonna like this show.

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So great to guest star on @tonydanza and @joshgroban ’s new @netflix show, “the good cop.” here we are standing in front of my character’s fake talk show set. tony is the boss.

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Same exact view of central park but at night! ohhhh.... 👀

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Nice view from the room lookin’ over central park. man i love new york. better get out of this suite before the guests staying in it return!

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A friend just sent me this – – people, please stop tagging my name on federal property. they’re gonna think i hired banksy to do my publicity.

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Hidin’ out backstage just before i go on. can’t wait to read all the names on the wall after the show.

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Loved playing in my old stomping ground of cleveland with my bro @therealmikeyoung @hrrocksinonp aka hard rock rocksino in northfield park - amazing sold out show. thank you audience, you hard rocked my world.

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Great to be back @royaloakmusic theatre with my detroit bro @therealmikeyoung in an ongoing snowfall. thanks to the best audience who drove from all around detroit in a mini-snow storm to fill the house with laughter. much appreciated. #fun

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Loved @thaliahallchicago tonight with my brother @therealmikeyoung - such a great kind audience. thanks to all.

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My friend @danny a. aka @danny a27 has this cool movie opening tomorrow that he directed and stars in. go see it, it’s good. #support

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Waiting in the wings life. @thaliahallchicago ~. thanks to an amazing audience, a great venue and a great city -and all of you for comin’ out in a snow storm.

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Sound check bromance with @therealmikeyoung @rauecenterforthearts in crystal lake, il. we had the best show. thanks to the amazing audience who taught me not to go into the lake - an audience member told me you can get “swimmer’s itch.” #sofun

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I guess this is the way to the bathroom.

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God i love this city. and this newspaper. and freedom of speech. my kind of town.

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Repost @comedydynamics . . . bob saget has the best comedy recommendations. check out his new spotify playlist after you watch his new special "zero to sixty", out now! link in bio! #bobsaget #zerotosixty #comedy #spotify

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Here we go...first day of the tour with my bro @therealmikeyoung - pre-show morristown, nj @mayopac - it’s that time in our lives where i need to do standup. and what a great audience! loved tonight’s sold out show so much. #thankful

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Eggs make me happy.

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