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Tuesday, may 7, 2019, 3:19pm. at dimes in chinatown, new york. a man had just finished his lunch. i admired his tidy mess.

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Lugged 15 pounds of magazines back with me from nyc. worth it. nashville needs a better book store.

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Ordered pizza and garlic knots for mother’s day dinner. ✌🏼🍕

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Coming down from a whirlwind of a week in nyc. so much to share, but today it’s all about family and rest and game of thrones (ha!). the catch-up can wait. 💙

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Hahaha. happy mother’s day!

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Flowers for my friend. 🌺

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They insisted we track down the new snow cone truck in town. sailor spilled his all over himself right after this picture was taken.🍧 @mangokids #mangokids

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Rug of my dreams found its new home.

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Little me.

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Today is the last day to pre-order your @the__bleu x @imogeneandwillie off duty t-shirt. after that sizing and quantities will be extremely limited. link in bio. 💙⚡️

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When you order two sizes of pants to make sure the fit is right and your teenage daughter thinks that she can keep the other pair. @sezane #sezane

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Still cool enough for my favorite sweater. 💔

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