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Sand digger wasp 🐝( full frame view on highlights). tried capturing a story of sand digger wasp 🐝 in my backyard with oneplus 6t. ●1. spot selection for nest ●2&3. digging hole/nest ● 4. sand digger bug carrying a paralyzed stink bug prey for its pupa/larva ● these are solitary wasps (one female per hole) but aggregated in large colonies. each female digs her own tunnel and then brings back stink bugs she has stung and paralyzed. this she takes down her burrow and the paralyzed prey then acts as the living food for her larvae. #shotononeplus #oneplust #slowmotion #story #earthcapture #natgeo #naturephotography #togetherpossible #connect2earth #natgeowild #planetearth #natgeoindia
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