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When the edibles finally kick in.

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Use your favorite emojis to describe these amazing nugs. 🥇🌲

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As a young cannabis entrepreneur, @hightimesmagazine was one of my go-to publications. that said, i'm extremely honored to be featured on the front page of the march issue, which hits newsstands today so make sure to pick it up and give it a read. . look, they did a great job explaining the history of advanced nutrients and what makes our products so special. additionally, i revealed inside information on the new companies and projects i’m launching. . many of the questions you ask me daily are addressed in this article. as always, you can continue to ask me anything in the comments below.

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Today we honor the legacy and strength of martin luther king jr. he’s an inspiration to us all and has shown the world that anything is possible when you stand up for what you believe in.

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Mona lisa’s smile just got a little bigger 😉

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Trinity kush plays a fine tune... what strains are you enjoying this weekend?

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Who’s been there?

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Trichomes are the tiny microscopic mushroom-looking structures on your buds. these crystal-like structures are the producers of the hundreds of known cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that make our favorite cannabis strains potent, unique, and flavorful. . that said, plants containing high concentrations of trichomes don’t necessarily produce the highest concentration of cannabinoids or terpenes - variables such as light greatly affect the cannabinoid and terpene development within the head of the trichome. . if you want to learn more about trichomes, comment your questions below.

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Friday feels... who's firing one up today?

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Tag a friend that is always s****d to the bone. 😂

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Some of you have been asking, "if you could smoke with any woman in history, who would it be?" . let me tell you, one woman instantly came to mind, and it may surprise you. to find out, watch the video above... . now that i've shared with you, i want to know which woman you'd smoke with and why. comment your answers below.

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Tag a friend who'd love to dive into this bud.

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Caption this.

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Sativa-dominate hybrid, j1... what are some of your favorite hybrids?

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I’ve been reading @hightimesmagazine all my life, so it’s a great honor to be featured on the front cover. from my new $20 million research facility to the creation of the cannabis freedom fund, we covered a lot of ground in the interview. but that's just part of it... . this exclusive article is filled with information ranging from the early days of advanced nutrients to where the future of cannabis is headed. i can’t wait for you to read it. . it won't hit newsstands until january 15, but i wanted to let all of you know in advance. i get hundreds of questions from you daily, and i’m confident that lots of these will be addressed in this article. i’m looking forward to your comments when it’s released.

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Tag someone that likes to steal lighters.

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Sour diesel rolled up to perfection... what's in your joint?

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Left or right... what are you packing first?

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Double-tap if this is part of your complete breakfast.

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Beauty + _______ = _______. comment your answers below.

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