Pippin just a big girl on the eternal hunt for wet food Starting weight: 18.3lbs Current weight: 17.2lbs Goal weight: 15
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My wet food senses are tingling 👀

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Gudnite sleep tite dream of wet foods tonite,,,

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Mem has ben quite sik, so am takeing ovar thiss acownt. heblo evryone

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Grill cheese ?? 🥰🥰🥰

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Bean tax: paid

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Peaceful angel

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Caption this

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Mommer is sick so when she’s home i’m hard at work snuggling her to keep her warm 😤💪🏻

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Time to watch the birds

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Cleaned her ears and brushed her real good today. tomorrow is eye drops and clip nails day ✨✨ #hygienequeen

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She likes to sit under my desk and beg to sit in my chair with me, but she doesn’t actually like sitting in the chair with me. so she just stares relentlessly hoping i’ll find a solution

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