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My thoughts and prayers to everyone in manchester and families affected. so sad! #manchester #sad #sadday #news #terrorismneedstostop #arianagrande #concert #worldnews

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Well done to @aliceameliajeffrey has worked very hard after her pregnancy and these type of workout exercises have helped her to get back into amazing shape, stronger, fitter and flexible. this circuit is for legs and abs. everything 20 reps no rest till end. repeat 2/3 rounds single leg bridges jumping squats squats weighted donkey kicks sit ups @stormmodels #bethefittest #postpartumbody

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Call me a rope killer. i push these ropes to the edge! word. dm me if you wanna join skip n tone class starting next week. tag a friend 💪💪wearing @reebokwomenuk @reebokuk errything #bethefittest #skipntone

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Great energy 😂 during yesterdays workout class in @lululemonuk westfield @stormmodels. getting that morning work in, pushing to the limits. showing people that there capable of training to a strong level. bravo to everyone who came...lots of smiling faces 😂😂 #bethefittest #workoutclass

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Two very inspirational and mega #entreprenuers, sir stelios who founded easy jet and sinclair beecham who founded pret a manger. was a privilege to listen to sir stelios story on how he started his business, what a character and thanks to sinclair beecham always offering amazing advice. great evening with @princestrust #bethefittest

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Healthy meat free meal from @cpressjuice eating from home. sometimes you might be a bit tired of eating meat, this is a great tasty vegan alternative dish that still fills you up. 👌 sweet potato, chickpea, agave, leaves and roasted vegetables. #bethefittest #foodblog

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Your strength comes from within. doesnt matter how big, strong or weak you are right now. we can all work towards these goals physically but also more importantly mentally and achieve them. when i stepped into @triyogauk for stewart gilchrist class and they did some of these arm balances i couldnt do any of these was so tough. there were three ladies in front of me all doing it and i couldnt believe it they all had the strength from within. i knew i had the physical strength but for some reason it was cutting it. once i started believing and getting rid of any fear and picturing it all in my mind, it became possible. everything all came together. @kapotasanagenny #yoga #inversions #bethefittest #scorpion

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@binkyfelstead third trimester workout. really calming things down now with training and shes sticking to mostly walking etc daily but when she feels good, will hit a nice light gym session keeping her body strong and active. @reebokwomenuk #bethefittest #binkyfelstead #pregnancyworkout

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Great couple days @befitlondon_ for @reebokwomenuk @reebokuk. friday had real good fun talking on the live stage with @binkyfelstead about our fitness journey. then yesterday had a stretch/yoga class and a q&a at the reebok stand. thanks to everyone who showed support and who showed love. shout out to binks, also amazing presenter @yinkabokinni who interviewed us and of course all the reebokuk team! 👌👌👊 #bethefittest #yoga #befitfam #befitlondon2017

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Catch myself and @binkyfelstead tomorrow 11am @befitlondon_ on the live stage talking about our training and our fitness journey together. then come say hello at reebok stage @reebokwomenuk at 11:45am where we will be hanging out. then on sunday ill be doing a stretch class at 1:45pm at the reebok stand so come and join me to learn how to stretch out and open up, followed by a q&a. tag a friend if your coming to befit. 👌 see you there! #bethefittest #binkyfelstead #training #health #fitness #reebok #fitnessmodel

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Well done to my client @aliceameliajeffrey looking amazing post pregnancy and more importantly feeling back to herself! worked very hard, 6 weeks of training. 👏👏 @stormmodels #bethefittest #training #postpregnancy

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The only way i really understood yoga was by actually practicising it. for me i love the feeling it gives me during and after the practice. i also love that i have to dedicate time and patience to it. some of you have seen my posts when i first started till now, its a slow process but when u see improvements all around its so worth it. the more time and dedication i put in the more i get out. if you are thinking of trying yoga but dont know where to start dm me for some advice. thanks to all my teachers at @triyogauk ryan spielman, helena, @corrieanandayoga, stewart gilchrist @kapotasanagenny #yoga #bethefittest #yogaforbeginners

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My thoughts are with everyone right now running the #londonmarathon2017. last year i remember the pain and concentration levels especially during that last 5k my lips even turned bright pink haha. check the videos from my timeline lol dont laugh but honestly the support from the crowds and everyone around makes it such an amazing experience and gives you that push that helps pull you through. good luck to everyone running for your cause ❤ #londonmarathon #running #training #run #health #fitness #marathon #picoftheday #getinspired

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#tbt good luck to everyone running the #londonmarathon tomorrow. i remember going on itv news last year a few days before running the marathon 2016 for the princes trust. i remember how nervous but excited i was. main bit of advice for first timers is to just go out there tomorrow enjoy it and just do your best! focus and dont give up! you can do it. #londonmarathon2017 #running #itvnews #bethefittest #marathon #london #getinspired

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Practising some arm balances from third series after my daily mysore practice @triyogauk. love working on strength stuff but these felt tough and need more flexibility to get tighter in these balances but im happy because couple years back i remember seeing these and i defo couldnt picture myself being able to do it. @kapotasanagenny #yoga #urdhvakukkutasana #progress

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Winners never quit and quitters never win....word! shot by smith #bethefittest

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Sun salutation b. this is the next sequence after you complete a (check previous post) five times. do this sequence five times also. these sun salutations a + b are great for beginners and people just starting yoga can really help with initial flexibility. its all about the breathing with the movement so focus on this. practice it, learn it and most of all enjoy it. these should make you feel amazing! dm me if you have any questions. @triyogauk @kapotasanagenny #bethefittest #yoga

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My client annie always inspires me 50 years old and killing it. how far she's come makes me proud 👌 call this real core strength. tag someone for inspo #bethefittest #inspo

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Great seeing @binkyfelstead today. we got some exciting things coming for you soon! stay posted 👌👌 pic from our @reebokuk shoot. #bethefittest #training

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Some of my fave to work the core. intermediate to advanced exercises with an abs bench. 💪 moonwalks - 45 seconds oblique sit ups - 15 reps each side leg raises lifts - 15 reps regular sit ups - 30 reps 3 rounds. #bethefittest #training

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