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The question is not where i am, it's where i'm gonna be. #bethefittest #reflecting

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Learn and improve everyday. i remember when i did this pose for the first time ever. my foot was probably only 10 inches off the floor max it just kept sinking lower and lower, it was like a sinking ship lol. balance was also all over the place. i used to dread this everytime. the burn was crazy! throughout time learning to use my bandhas and breathe i gained more strength to now being able to do this. learn a little amd improve everyday and you will eventually achieve what you set out for. #bethefittest #yoga

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Great healthy lunch. falafel, chickpeas and roasted vegetables salad. protein mix @cpressjuice. #bethefittest #foodblogging

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Try this fun couples workout for valentines ❤ tag and @ someone you want to do this with 💪💪 : squats 20 reps sit ups 20 reps pressups and claps 10 reps burpee plank 10 reps leg raises 20 reps check the full video on youtube. bethefittest couple workout. #bethefittest #valentines2017

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Sometimes its just nice to practice at home. doesnt matter what type of yoga you do, how good you are or even if you just follow a youtube video. here im doing ashtanga yoga. give it a go and most of its just about feeling good! dont laugh at my yoga focus face 😂😂 #bethefittest #namaste #yogisofinstagram

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Smiling really. always got that #pokerface #bethefittest tatts by @ken_carlos

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Reebok video @reebokuk partner workout with @binkyfelstead pre pregnancy. fun core exercise. 👌👌 #bethefittest #6pack

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Tomatoes, avocado, red quinoa and falafel salad @cpressjuice. perfect lunch! #bethefittest #foodblogging #foodblogger

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Client annie, 50 years old. real core strength! try these exercises and @ a friend 👊👊 #bethefittest #calisthenics

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Pure inspiration! my client nels has come so far since we started. makes me so proud. tag a friend for motivation 👊 always remember no such thing as "i can't" because "you can" #bethefittest

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Made myself and own recipe. sweet potato base, mix and chop fennel, spinach, tomato, avocado, red onion put on top of base drizzle balsamic mustard dressing. add slice of apple for some sweetness 👌 quick and easy to make. call me gordan 😂😂😂 #food😍 #foodblogging

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Working internally, yoga and meditation. i love this part of my practice. 10 deep breaths with similar inhalation and exhalation length, in and out through the nose. part of the ashtanga finishing sequence. zen mode bluesteel 😂😂wearing @lululemonuk vest and shorts. #bethefittest #yoga #meditation

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