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Happy friday everyone! red quinoa, avocado, tomato, aubergine, roasted veggies, falafel, nuts and rocket. you are what you eat. thanks @cpressjuice! #foodblogging #bethefittest

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My favourite part of my yoga practice. ashtanga finishing sequence. heres a few postures from the finishing sequence out of about 15. i get such an amazing feeling during this sequence. if you want to get into yoga and struggling where to start dm and ill give some tips with starting. @triyogauk tag a friend 👌 @kapotasanagenny #bethefittest #yoga #triyoga #practiceyogachangeyourworld #yogamen #yogadudes #calisthenics #yogaeverywhere #workoutvideo #gymvideo #onebreatheatatime #asana #yogapose #yogaeverydamnday #vinyasa #yogachallenge #yogajourney #yogapractice #yogatime #gym_video #yogaaddict #yogaposes #practicepracticepractice #mysore #yogateacher #yogalife #yogachallenge #ashtanga #ashtangayoga

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Lottie moss full body workout. improving all the time @lottiemossxo. tag a gym friend👌 high knees 20 sec curl and press 15 reps burpees 15 reps squats 20 reps pressup hold 5 secs lat pull downs 12 reps sit ups 15 reps #bethefittest #training

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My yoga practice isnt just about being flexible but also strong. doing these postures involve using your bandhas and breathing which gives strength and internal heat. i used to think yoga was just for girls but it isnt, in fact ashtanga was a practice initially for men. i remember stepping into my first ashtanga class class @triyogauk it was tough in ways ive never experienced. a different strength is needed very different to the strength used when i used to lift weights. i believe yoga should be incorporated into your daily practice men or female even if u hit the weights or dont even do exercise. if your thinking of starting yoga. dm me and i can give some tips. @kapotasanagenny #triyoga #yoga

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Healthy monday lunch. once you get into the zone its hard to stop. so get yourself in it..word! 👌 either make something healthy at home or grab something healthy outside to go. kale sweet potato tumeric humous celeriac thanks @cpressjuice great salads. #foodblogger #lunch

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Looking back, what a unique, fun and special class i created. honest to say there's no class like it. yes its back skip n tone not just tone for muscle but tone cos we jump rope to music...get it? all levels are welcome even if you never jumped rope in your life. come and learn. back again from next month. tag a friend to come with. dm me or email me to join 💪 #bethefittest #fitnessclass

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Surya namaskara a. the first yoga sequence i learnt (this video is a harder version which i can now do, not when i started). i remember the first time i stepped into @triyogauk and i was so stiff, not understanding what yoga really was and not understanding what to do. i went to morning mysore class, learnt this and practiced everyday. if you want to try some yoga try this sun salutation a. when in downward dog hold for 5 breathes. and repeat whole sequence 3-5 times. dm me if you have questions. tag a friend 🤗 @kapotasanagenny #bethefittest #triyoga

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Smiling always! at the @reebokuk shoot with @binkyfelstead. lots of fun 😊 #bethefittest #smiling

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One of the best and fun ways for cardio and toning. come and learn to jump rope at my skip n tone class coming again next month. 💪💪tag a friend dm me for more info or email info@bethefittest.co.uk #bethefittest #skipntone

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Practice of yoga gives me something i cannot even describe which no other type of exercise has ever given to me. its given me more strength, flexibility and more importantly internal energy and happiness. sound weird but trust me, if you havent done yoga before give it a go. dm me if your interested in yoga and i can give you some tips 👌 tag a friend #yoga #bethefittest

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No fake training over here. we put in that real work! #bethefittest #training

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Lean meal. made myself! not gonna lie stepping this up a notch. quinoa, cauliflower, olives, parsley, spinach, tomatoes and avocado topped with pomegranate. with little pesto balsamic sauce. #foodblogger #foodblogging

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My full body workout @mollieking. shes pushing to the max. give these exercises try. tag a friend 💪 frog jumps 20 reps walking lunges 20 reps mountain climbers 60 reps plank 45 seconds skipping 2 minutes crunches 20 reps each exercise #bethefittest #training

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Fully back into training and heres a regular ab exercise routine i do which you can try. tag a workout friend. legs up block in between feet weighted crunches - 20 reps under leg claps - 20 reps straight arm weighted sit ups - 15 reps weighted leg raises - 15 reps legs up weighted sit ups - 15 reps #bethefittest #training

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This salad is perfect for lunch. today im starting to change diet slightly, to get a bit more lean so lunches that are not that heavy work well for me. @cpressjuice. avocado, rocket, courgette, raw-violi, sun dried tomatoes and harissa dressing. #bethefittest #foodblogging

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Perfect exercise to burn calories, working on cardio, strength and endurance. @reebokuk @binkyfelstead pre pregnancy. #bethefittest #training

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Proud to see my clients @lottiemossxo @laurenalex.wright @claudia.gould for @stormmodels killing the runway at london fashion week. all those hours of training and dedication paying off! 👌👌 #bethefittest #runway

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The question is not where i am, it's where i'm gonna be. #bethefittest #reflecting

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Learn and improve everyday. i remember when i did this pose for the first time ever. my foot was probably only 10 inches off the floor max it just kept sinking lower and lower, it was like a sinking ship lol. balance was also all over the place. i used to dread this everytime. the burn was crazy! throughout time learning to use my bandhas and breathe i gained more strength to now being able to do this. learn a little amd improve everyday and you will eventually achieve what you set out for. #bethefittest #yoga

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Great healthy lunch. falafel, chickpeas and roasted vegetables salad. protein mix @cpressjuice. #bethefittest #foodblogging

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