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My thoughts are with everyone right now running the #londonmarathon2017. last year i remember the pain and concentration levels especially during that last 5k my lips even turned bright pink haha. check the videos from my timeline lol dont laugh but honestly the support from the crowds and everyone around makes it such an amazing experience and gives you that push that helps pull you through. good luck to everyone running for your cause ❤ #londonmarathon #running #training #run #health #fitness #marathon #picoftheday #getinspired

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#tbt good luck to everyone running the #londonmarathon tomorrow. i remember going on itv news last year a few days before running the marathon 2016 for the princes trust. i remember how nervous but excited i was. main bit of advice for first timers is to just go out there tomorrow enjoy it and just do your best! focus and dont give up! you can do it. #londonmarathon2017 #running #itvnews #bethefittest #marathon #london #getinspired

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Practising some arm balances from third series after my daily mysore practice @triyogauk. love working on strength stuff but these felt tough and need more flexibility to get tighter in these balances but im happy because couple years back i remember seeing these and i defo couldnt picture myself being able to do it. @kapotasanagenny #yoga #urdhvakukkutasana #progress

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Winners never quit and quitters never win....word! shot by smith #bethefittest

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Sun salutation b. this is the next sequence after you complete a (check previous post) five times. do this sequence five times also. these sun salutations a + b are great for beginners and people just starting yoga can really help with initial flexibility. its all about the breathing with the movement so focus on this. practice it, learn it and most of all enjoy it. these should make you feel amazing! dm me if you have any questions. @triyogauk @kapotasanagenny #bethefittest #yoga

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My client annie always inspires me 50 years old and killing it. how far she's come makes me proud 👌 call this real core strength. tag someone for inspo #bethefittest #inspo

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Great seeing @binkyfelstead today. we got some exciting things coming for you soon! stay posted 👌👌 pic from our @reebokuk shoot. #bethefittest #training

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Some of my fave to work the core. intermediate to advanced exercises with an abs bench. 💪 moonwalks - 45 seconds oblique sit ups - 15 reps each side leg raises lifts - 15 reps regular sit ups - 30 reps 3 rounds. #bethefittest #training

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Whos got time to pose when your hungry 😂😂😂 @cpressjuice @odi.muskaj @tillafilms

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Ashtanga dropback sequence with amazing @kapotasanagenny @triyogauk . really great assisting from her felt very safe and was able to get deep with her adjustments. having a teacher is one thing but having a good teacher that you trust is another. since i started yoga at triyoga ive always been fortunate to come across great teachers who are all very experienced with whom i actually trust and learn from. its one of the reasons why i have progressed so much since starting. my backbends have not been my forte but with time and patience have improved and now they finally getting and feeling better. if you want to get into yoga message or comment and ill give you my advice. #bethefittest #yoga

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Different to you, normal to me! #bethefittest #yoga #garudasana

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My client @momorigaud exercising those abs! leg raises 20 reps butt lifts 25 reps scissors 30 reps knee raises 25 reps 3 rounds #bethefittest #summerbody

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Theres always hope. i remember when i took this, couple years back when i had muscles haha but i was super stiff and i was like take a pic because i thought, "yes i made it, i can touch my ankles" hahaa. trust me i was no where near even touching my toes. so flexibility has never come natural to me. now i look back its crazy how i used to be. i put in many hours to get where i am now and if i can do it even from where i started, so can you!!! time, patience, dedication and focus. #bethefittest #yoga #yogaprogress

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@aliceameliajeffrey working hard and improving every workout. stronger, leaner and fitter already 👌 @stormmodels great workout for building strength and toning. bridges - 20 reps squats - 15 reps weighted kickbacks - 20 reps twists- 30 reps lunges - 15 reps each leg crunches - 25 reps #bethefittest #training

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Put me anywhere and ill find a way to train. just me and my rope! wearing @reebokuk trainers @lululemon sweatpants #bethefittest #becreative

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A lot of people been asking for some advice on how to start yoga. so heres what i recommend. surya namaskara a/sun saluation a. this is the first thing i learnt when i started yoga @triyogauk. i found it tough but i did it everyday and slowly came improvements. so do this everyday and do it 5 times. the most important thing is the breathing. 🤗tag someone this might help. 1. inhale arms up look up 2. exhale forward bend - feel free to bend your legs if you cant touch hands to floor with straight legs. bring head in 3. inhale head up 4. exhale jump or step back. 5. chaturanga - here most people have problems as requires a lot of strength but go down halfway as best you can, keep body nice and tight. if you struggle just keep practising everyday it will come. 6. inhale upward facing 7. exhale downward facing 8. 5 deep long breaths - longer then the counts on the video. 9. step or jump in on exhale 10. inhale head up. 11. exhale head in. 12. inhale stand up hands up look up. 13. exhale hands down to samastitihi. please comment if you find this helpful and ill make a video for the next step sun salutation b. @kapotasanagenny if you have any questions on this please direct message. #triyoga #yoga #vinyasaflow

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Headstanding before some meetings @stormmodels. helps me to think of things the other way round. 😂 #sirsasana #stormmodels #bethefittest

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@momorigaud getting that summer body! here her leg home workout. three exercises with 16kg kettlebell: front squats 15 squat jumps 10 stiff leg deads 20 2 rounds then rest. 1.5 min complete twice. #bethefittest #legday

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Recruiting creative, hard working and responsible trainers to join the team. cv's to info@bethefittest.co.uk or direct message. tag a trainer of interest. #bethefittest #personaltrainers #personaltraining #london

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Trust in dreams. every dream begins with a dreamer, every success was once a thought. word! photo by smith tatts by @ken_carlos #bethefittest #liveyourlife #dreambig

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