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The luck of the irish is coming to all who do this workout on #stpatricksday 🌈😜🍀 tag a friend who needs to try this tomorrow! 💚👯‍♀️💚extra gold will come to those wearing their @lici_fit emerald green outfits (like me!) for the festivities! 🤩✨.

1️⃣find a #rainbow 🌈
2️⃣ locate the #potofgold ✨near it
3️⃣ get giddy and do 12 #leprechaun heel clicks
4️⃣ #squattopress your p*t of gold 12x (watch out for falling gold✨) under the rainbow #leaps 12x🌈
6️⃣ under the rainbow #plyolunges 12x🌈🔥
7️⃣ emerald isle #hopovers 12x🍀
8️⃣ #plank and count your gold 12x 😂
9️⃣ guard your gold and #backkick in #downwarddog 12x/side 💚💯
🔟 #singlelegrdl + #row 12x/side… this may feel like a sobriety test!🙈😂
⏸repeat 3x and then
1️⃣2️⃣ shamrock skip away and spread the love, light and gold today! 🍀🌈✨.
sláinte! (cheers! and literal transition —> health!) to you all 🤗😘💯may your troubles be less, and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through you door 🌈💚✨🍀❤️#stpattys #luckoftheirish

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Never give anyone the power to take away your smile ✨😊❤️🌟

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Pool workouts are so much fun, and there are tons of benefits to working out in water, including that: 💧it’s no to low-impact, which means water workouts are gentler on your joints💧there is constant resistance from the water, in all directions, adding to the challenge! 💧without the effects of gravity, you can move your body through a wider range of motion 💧you have to slow down your movements in the water, which can be a good opportunity to work on coordination
💧the water pressure on your chest makes your lungs work harder

my sister-in-law joined me for a pool workout, and these are some of the fun moves we did! 😎 we also did some jumping, skipping, treading and running (laterally too!) in the pool to get our heart rates up and challenge our bodies in different directions ❤️#tagafriend or family member to try this with!!!

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Believe in yourself, invest in yourself, and know that you are not alone. there are amazing people in this world who support you and want to see you rise and shine your light.
happy international women’s day 😊 #tagafriend who needs to see this today, and remember: together (men + women) we rise!

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Work that #b***y and burn calories with this #stairworkout i did with @fabiana_ferrarini 🔥🍑💦 i’m so grateful for friends who inspire me, and she’s my #wcw this week! #tagafriend to do this with! .
1️⃣ alternating side squats
2️⃣ squat jumps - wide, medium, narrow
3️⃣ reverse lunge to power step up
4️⃣ twisting hop ups
repeat up stairs 3-4x each exercise
outfit me @niketraining fabiana @lululemon 🎶 #work @liljon

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Big results come from doing little things consistently .
join me for a free #21dayfitnesschallenge starting tomorrow! all you need to do is sign up • link in bio • and commit to doing something for better health and fitness everyday for the next 21 days. it’s really that simple-with consistent steps, no matter how small, come big results.

#repost @justinsua

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Being fit is not a destination. it’s a way of life.
join me for a #21dayfitnesschallenge starting monday! (march 4th) to motivate and inspire you to better fitness everyday. to participate, sign up in the link in my bio and commit to do something to move your body every day for the next 21 days! . .

getting into this #camelpose is the product of years of training for me. my low back used to be super hyperextended to the point i couldn’t round my spine. i didn’t have the body awareness or core strength to really even understand what that meant, or how to change it. some people would joke i couldn’t stand up straight... i just didn’t know any different 🤷🏼‍♀️ i could get into positions like camel pose because of my flexibility, but it felt unsafe, unstable, and i felt unsure about it all.
the past few years i’ve dedicated time to learning how to move with integrity from/with fellow trainers, yogi’s, pilates instructors and other movement specialists. i now feel strong, flexible, balanced, capable and resilient 💯 showing up, training consistently and celebrating each step forward (no matter how small or big they are) is the key to my progress and success.
join me in a free 21 day fitness challenge starting monday • link in bio • my intent is to support you in showing up, training consistently (even if it’s small!) and celebrating your steps along the way! ❤️you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish 🙌🏽

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New program! 🍑🍑🍑i’m so excited to announce i have a new #b***y program, and it’s designed to target your #glutes in just 10 minutes. it’s perfect for getting your glutes activated before a run or weighted workout, or for those days when a 30 minute workout feels like too much!
to celebrate our #humpday launch, here’s a bonus glute activation circuit i did before lifting weights at the gym
1️⃣banded #elevatedhipbridge + 25x #abductions 2️⃣banded #buttburner 20x
3️⃣quadruped rainbows 12x
4️⃣#stepups 15x
for beginners go through the exercises in the above order, repeating on both sides as needed.
to make it more challenging 💯start with banded elevated hip bridges + abductions, and then superset all exercises on one side before moving onto the other!
for more #gluteworkouts, get #boostthebooty (new program) • link in bio • 🔥🍑🔥
outfit @niketraining

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Single leg exercises have been a big focus for me lately. single sided, or unilateral exercises, are important because they integrate core muscles, can improve balance, aid in injury prevention by helping to avoid overtraining or overusing the dominant side.
i like to start with a circuit of single sided leg exercises (like the ones below!) before getting into any heavier lifting or double sided exercises in my second circuit. i’ve gained strength, control and coordination from this… and it feels so good! 😊🙌🏾❤️so does wearing cute outfits from @fabletics
here’s what i did today:
-singleleg feet elevated #glutebridges -slider #sidelunge (pause for 1-3 seconds at the bottom)
-singleleg #romaniandeadlift (with wall support)
-singleleg #squat with crossbody reach + leg extension
you can do these exercises bodyweight too! remember to move well before loading your movement patterns… and an easy substitute for the slider disc is to put a sock under your foot on a hardwood floor :) .
#myfabletics #ad #moveinfabletics

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#repost @nike ❤️💯❤️
show them what crazy dreams can do. #justdoit
🔈: sound on

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Happy valentine’s day! ❤️it starts with you ✨❤️✨ love yourself. mind + body + soul. because that’s who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.
sending so much love to everyone! 😍❤️😍 i hope you know how loved and desired you are, and that you take time today to share your love with yourself + all the people in your life (friends, fam, pets... everyone! 👯‍♀️😘❌⭕️) poem @rupikaur_

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Cupid’s special coming right up 💝❌⭕️😘this valentine’s day give your body some love, get your heart-pumping, and give your b***y a heart-shaped boost with this total body workout from cupid (aka yours truly 🤗👼🏼😍) .

valentine’s day is my favorite holiday! 💓💗💖 i love that it’s a day about love and that there are hearts, flowers and lots and lots of pink involved ✨🌙🙃😍 so get out there and spread the love with this workout (wings optional☺️👼🏼😉) .

tag a friend (or valentine!) you want to do this with tomorrow! 💝 . .
cupid’s “spread the love” workout
❤️cupid #shuffles 10x
❤️cupid #curtsylunges 💘15x/side
❤️”love handle” #lunges -alternate sides for 20 total (with a twist to work that core 🔥🔥🔥!)
❤️#situp and smell the roses 🌹- 15x
❤️show off the bouquet #russiantwists - 30x
❤️blow a kiss #legabductions 😘- 20x/side
❤️#backkick you outta my life (for the haters 😉😂😂) -15x/side
❤️bridge to my heart #glute bridges - 25x
❤️#sumosquat and spread the love! - 15x .

repeat 2-3x through, and b**w a kiss at the end! 😘😘bonus points if you share your sweaty kiss in your instagram story and tag @bethalexanderfitness! 💯❤️💗 sending so much love to you all from santa barbara! i hope your hearts are full ❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️ p.s. filmed this at one of my favorite #santabarbara places, the mission!

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