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Stress/anger relief workout
exercise is good for you mind, body and soul. it can be a healthy outlet for releasing emotions like anger and stress.

maybe you get stressed from work or personal relationships... or maybe (like me) you are upset today about the abortion bans that are happening in the united states. the fact that 25 white men in alabama were able to legally change women’s reproductive rights infuriates me and is not okay.

here’s what i did today:
* medicine ball slams 12-15x
* lateral ball shovel 8x/side
* sit up + ball toss 12-15x
* side to side ball slams 12-16x
* tire flips 8-10x
i repeated for 3x through 🔥💪🏽💦then went for a walk in nature because that always makes me feel better🌿
****your body = your choice**** .
it’s plain. it’s simple. i don’t care what your religious background or political preference is... no government should be able to ban women’s reproductive rights, and certainly not a panel of all white middle-upperclass males.
#mybodymychoice #thefutureisfeminine

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👆🏽exactly why i don’t google my own symptoms anymore 😂😂😂❤️ happy #monday fitfam! remember #healthiswealth -enjoy it, be grateful for it and find ways to serve others and spread love, light and joy to the people around you! #repost @annavictoria

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Moms are superheroes
they take care of us, are our biggest role models, and shape us into the people we are today. one day isn’t enough to celebrate all that you do for your families. happy mother’s day to all the beautiful moms out there, and thank you for all that you do!
any mom can tell you that getting her own workout in is often a miracle (especially with little ones around!). it’s great to move when you can, and also important to remember that sometimes workouts just don’t happen... and that’s a-okay. .
i’ve partnered with @happyhealthylittles to make it easier for mamas-to-be with 20-25 minute #prenatalworkouts. enjoy simple, low impact, core focused workouts to take you through all 3 trimesters of your pregnancy. and yes, they are family friendly and short enough to complete your workout during nap time!
get all 9 workout videos, and a comprehensive and easy to follow nutritional guide for pregnancy at @happyhealthylittles

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Glutes + abs
happy #workoutwednesday and #humpday fit fam ☺️🔥🍑 this 3 exercise circuit hits your whole core, and targets your glutes and abs!
* trx plank + leg abductions 20x
* barbell back squat 10-12x
* forward lunge + twist, 12x/side
i repeated for 3-4x through in my @fabletics outfit. .
any workout is better than no workout! your body will thank you for moving, whether that is in a super gentle way or pushing heavy weights and doing complex exercises like these! remember to always listen to your body and do what feels best to you!
#myfabletics #ad #moveinfabletics

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Healthy eating is yummy and fun!
these protein balls are #glutenfree #dairyfree #plantbased #delicious and easy to take #onthego! make them with 4 simple ingredients: almond butter, coconut oil, shredded coconut and honey! you can even top them with a berry for a fresh treat, or mix some cacao powder in to satisfy your chocolate cravings 🍫 !
get the full recipe in #21daylowimpactbodyblast •see link in bio• along with 20 other healthy eating recipes! 🤗
what’s your favorite fun + healthy recipe to eat?

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Simple weighted workout
focusing on stable, slow and controlled basic movements is a great way to start out a workout program or to see your progress if you are in a regular routine. here are 4 simple (not always easy!) exercises i did this week:
* goblet elevator squats 10x
* plank with shoulder taps 20x
* rdl (romanian dead lift) 12x
* narrow grip lat pull down 12x
i repeated for 3-4x through and am feeling strong + stable! p.s. warm-up and activate before your weight circuit, and foam roll and stretch after! .
outfit @niketraining

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Know yourself + know your worth... and remember when one door closes, another door(s) open.❤️😊❤️ tag a friend who needs to hear this today. #repost @thebehappyproject

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Get your abs fired up with this 4 exercise #medicineball core circuit!
45 seconds each exercise, repeat for 2x through! . 🌟anti-extension #pullovers + leg reach .
🌟#russiantwists 🌟#plank with ball roll- for added challenge lift a leg! 🤗
🌟figure eights 😂 (this one is fun!) .

song: sofi needs a ladder by @deadmau5
what are your favorite ab exercises? or maybe ones you hate to, but know work! comment below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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My new program is live!!!!
look forward to your workouts with #21daylowimpactbodyblast! .

this program is designed for anyone who wants a total body workout, but doesn’t want to (or can’t) run, jump or do high impact exercises! if you’re looking to lean out and sweat in a way that feels good to your body, from the comfort of your home, join me! .
you get:
-21 different 30-minute workouts
-bonus workout videos, playlist, 21 recipes + much much more
sign up at link in bio:
here’s what people are saying:
-“i really enjoyed these workouts! i got an awesome burn and really felt it the next day! the low impact movements were even okay on my bad knees!" -lindsey w
-"at some points, it felt like beth was actually there-that is how precise the corrections are. the workouts provide a dynamic balance of muscle-activating, stretching and cardiovascular exercises that are not too crazy but still make you sweat and that can be done just about anywhere!" - sonya s.
-“my body is much stronger and i now have great definition, and all in the comfort of my own home. this program keeps you moving, sweating and toning for 30 minutes. endorphins are raised, and all in half an hour! thank you, beth!" - jane p.

#lowimpact #lowimpactworkouts #lowimpactexercise #lowimpactworkout #lowimpactfitness

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Easter workout fun🐰🐣💐✨. .
instead of putting candy into our easter eggs this year, @coachchinajones and i put exercises 🤗💪🏽💦 here are some of the moves we used:
* bunny hops
* reverse lunge + twist
* high knees
* side lunge + reach
* jumping jacks
inspire your family to get out and move this holiday with these simple, easy and fun moves! just take a piece of paper and write out exercises, place each into an egg, and hide the eggs for an easter egg hunt! see who can find the most eggs, and then go through all of the exercises together ☺️ tag someone who would be fun to do this with! 🐰❤️💐

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All smiles for the weekend 😎 #fbf to happy times with chai in #sedona az... swipe left to see this pup’s joyous energy! 🐶 we met last weekend on a hiking trail... literally! he lives in sedona, enjoys his time exploring outdoors freely and joined us for a short hike❤️ 😊❤️i hope he inspires you to get outside, smile and live your best life!

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