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A maquette i sculpted for a show pitch with @hey_azzy this is diggy and he’s a rocker. #sculpture #characterdesign #sculpey #supersculpey #lizard

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— shweet — the vanity card for my and @hey_azzy ‘s production company that we founded when we teamed up to make @blarkandson with @stoopidbuddystoodios . this is 100% practical baby! i know it’s simple but boy is it satisfying. we 3d printed 2 ‘shweet’ candy bars modeled by @averytart and designed by @michaelbayouth then molded and cast them in resin. avery carefully poured the white letters first. then filled the mold with brown chocolate tinted resin. then dremeled a bite out of one. after setting it up on a table i crawled under and knocked the table hard from beneath. i did this twice, once with each bar. then we just simply cut to the bitten bar right when it pops up off the plate. and of course, that’s adam and i saying “shweet”.

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Some behind the scenes shots from today’s episode of blark and son. link in bio. those sets were tiny and hard to navigate! photos by @stevenckan

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Let the creep flow through you. yessss. new episodes up on the @comedycentral youtube channel now yallz. link in bio. ps- thanks for the birthday wishesssss. luv u.

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Flash back to when @jakecorricksculpture and i made an l200 dragon for zack brown band. super lightweight aluminum frame with meticulously patterned l200 over top! this bad boy made it into the country music hall of fame! #puppet #creature #creaturedesign #zackbrownband #dragon

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Link in bio! ❤️🤘❤️ :)

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So excited to announce that my weird puppet show @blarkandson will finally be available to view on @comedycentral digital starting this saturday! episodes will be available on comedycentral.com and the comedy central youtube channel. blark and son has been a long winding journey with @stoopidbuddystoodios @hey_azzy and i can’t wait to see what’s next for us!

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Another design. this is mr. paul. he’s compensating. #creaturedesign #trex #trexcostume #trexarms

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Been having fun bringing some of my sculpture designs into 2d. strauss full body. #creaturedesign #spaceshark #shark #creature

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Goodbye 2018. you’ve been the best year of my life. i feel so lucky to have gotten to marry my best friend and live of my life @afashionnerd and also made a crazy lil puppet show called @blarkandson with @hey_azzy and all of my best friends. we’ve got big news to share soon on where it will be airing next month. 2018 has been a massive year for growth for me and i’ve never had more drive to create. i’ve got so many things planned for 2019 that i can’t wait to share. happy new year everyone. 🤘❤️🤘

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Characters i designed for an upcoming project with @hey_azzy details soon!

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One of the camera rigs i custom built for the @slash music video i directed. link in bio!! #slash #drivingrain #puppet #camerarig

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