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Where @ashanti get her good looks from..... #wcws😍

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When your baby sis visting from atl @_kolddecember

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@greatermtzion1 church flow

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Church flow this sunday morning.... @greatermtzion1 #fallbackneverfalloff

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When @champagnepapi call his bro for assistance #ym #ovo #fallbackneverfalloff

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Biology 155 chilling with my guy

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Go shop @trukfit

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#wcw😍 @ashanti .....#dxpe ..... #bae

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#ym in eng. # 120 bored lol

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@ashanti world tour continues..... #wcw😍

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Algebra105 #focus #college_life

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Church flow

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West coastin

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When bae a boss @ashanti #wcw😍

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When bae talk that s**t @ashanti .....my fav time of the day

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Who would buy me these ....????? that's real love right there for sure lol 😘😍😘😜😜😝😍😍😚😂😹😄😑😝😝💟🌷😑🌷😹

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Dr. pt ....come get your script filled #pharmacist

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