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希望能帶給你們快樂 ➕蕾蕾line 陪我聊天💖
line id:@ndg7991p (記得要有@喔)

youtube: amber na (記得subscribe我喔)
link at bio🤣

tonight 9pm on air meme!
meme id : amber 星蕾

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Жизнь полна красоты. Обрати на это внимание. Вдохни запах дождя и почувствуй ветер. Живи свою жизнь на полную силу и борись за свои мечты!
Фотограф @annaruddkevich
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A intensidade está na sua essência! 😍✨😚
snap mibasso21
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Fitting amazing @brideesdubai dresses for photoshoot ✨✨✨
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🌶bkan kita yang hebat tapi karena yg allah yg baik,, jangan lupa bersyukur🌶 •
pemilik photo: ????
yg tahu koment ya
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👉beli αkun instagram
👉mαu jαdi pαrtner vip?
fast response viα line yα
🆔 line 👉 @ putryyybelle (pαke @ yα)
atαu klik link di bio☝

jαngαn lupα bersyukur 😇
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من هنوزم نگرانم
تکیه بر باد
لیلا کسری(هدیه)/فرید زلاند/اندرانیک
#dariush #dariusheghbali

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Photo by @ilkinkaracan
“the world is all about perspective,” says turkish director and photographer ilkin karacan karakuş (@ilkinkaracan ), who created this image on a photo walk. “sometimes we have to change our perspective for inspiration.” #whpseasonal

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Photo by @_fabiozingg
“autumn is my favorite time of the year, as all the colors in nature are more intense and so is the light in the alps,” says fabio zingg (@_fabiozingg ), who hiked five hours and camped out to get this shot for #whpseasonal. “i loved waking up at this place and the composition with the light and fog.”

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Photo by @cockapoomarley
“marley’s little nose just poking out of the oversized hood is how i feel through these autumn days,” says marley’s (@cockapoomarley ) human katie ramsden, “just wanting to hide away from the rain and cold.”
follow along for more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpseasonal.

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Illustration by @sublinhando
today, we’re celebrating #worldkindnessday with são paulo-based illustrator patricia leda (@sublinhando ). “world kindness day is a special day to remind us that we are not alone, that we are loved by our friends and our family,” she explains. “it’s an opportunity to say something special to the people we like. it’s like a little reminder that we need to practice this every day.”
head to our story to see the templates patricia created for today’s holiday ❤️, then spread some kindness with the people in your 🌎.

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Video by @theflippistflipbooks “i’ve somehow plopped into a moment in time where this bonkers childhood dream job is somehow my reality,” says “flipbook-maker guy” and artist ben zurawski (@theflippistflipbooks ), who lives in chicago. growing up, ben’s father frequented garage sales and thrift stores, often bringing home unique items. one of those treasures was a flipbook. “i was mesmerized getting to watch a cartoon without a tv that i was powering with my own thumb. it instantly sparked in me a love of the magic of flipbooks,” says ben. “each one is like its own little puzzle. i love figuring out the idea, the design, the timing. getting to just sit and draw and color all day is literally all i’ve ever wanted to do and getting to share it with others is such a sweet bonus.” see more of ben's work on today’s story.

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Photo by @leefromamerica
meet los angeles-based wellness enthusiast lee tilghman (@leefromamerica ). twenty-eight-year-old lee is a self-proclaimed blogger, writer, photographer, workshop teacher, speaker and, yes, even human. “i was first introduced to the wellness space because of my struggle with an eating disorder between the ages of 16 and 18,” explains lee. “at 18, i started to learn what it felt like and what it looked like to treat my body with respect. that spurred a whole journey — i’m still on it now — of discovering and researching and really just playing along with different lifestyles and different ways of thinking and activities that made me feel my best... i know how to put my needs first, which is something that i didn’t necessarily know how to do before. and i feel confident and sure enough in myself to make those decisions and choices so that i can operate at the best possible version of myself.” learn more about lee’s self-care practice today on our story.

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Weekend hashtag project: #whpseasonal come rain or shine, this weekend’s challenge is to make images and videos that capture the spirit of the season in your region of the world, as in this featured photo illustration from sandra (@salufi ). here are some tips to get started:
focus on details that represent the season. for example, a single red leaf can represent fall, a strong shadow cast by the sun can feel like summer, or a crowded passageway full of open umbrellas can indicate the rainy season.
play with seasonal activities. get outside for apple picking, hiking or swimming, or if it’s very chilly where you live, stay inside and bundle up with your crew.
let your palette set the mood. whether it’s the changing hues of foliage in autumn, the snow-tipped mountain peaks in winter or a beachy summer day, capture the colors of the season in your photo or video.
project rules: please add the #whpseasonal hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. by adding the #whpseasonal hashtag, you consent to and grant instagram all rights to repost your photo or video. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend with the #whpseasonal hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured next week.

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Photo by @vineet_vohra
vineet vohra (@vineet_vohra ) tried his hand at wildlife and fashion photography early in his career. but it wasn’t long before he was drawn to “the uncertainty and surprise” of street photography. “the temporary connections i make in the street are more intense than what i found shooting wildlife,” says the photography teacher from new delhi. “for me, photography is not about sight. it’s about insight. my pictures are a dialogue, where i’m having a conversation with my audience, and with myself.”
a festival like #diwali, the annual hindu festival of lights, allows vineet a deeper-than-usual dive into his culture. “i’m not very religious,” he says, “but i am very spiritual. and as a photographer, anything having to do with light has huge significance in my life.” so diwali, especially, resonates with him. “you breathe for a while,” he says. “you think about the past year and moving into the next. there’s always negative energy around, even in good times, but the light during diwali just washes it away. the light cleanses the soul.”
check out today’s story to see what diwali was like for vineet. 📸

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Today on igtv, we’re with dancer and creator jayden bartels (@missjaydenb ). 🌟 tune in now to go behind the scenes with jayden as she films a dance tutorial.

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Photo by @frauki
“i absolutely love places that make you and your problems feel tiny, and think that nature has the power to put us back into place.” —german student frauke hameister (@frauki ) #whpscale

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Photo by @mlnordan
“we reached into our nature box collection for inspiration for the whp this week,” writes veterinarian melissa nordan (@mlnordan ) in the caption to her #whpscale submission. “amongst our turtle shells, snake skins and bird nests we found these cicada wings to use. i lightly glued them onto a pane of glass and held it up in front of my camera as i photographed my daughter. it reminds me of summer. i can hear their ‘singing’ as i type.”

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