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Bath time in the city that never sleeps! ☁️ (πŸ“·: @janonajourney ) want to learn more of new york? check out @beautifuldestinations and @beautifulcuisines! #beautifulhotels

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Bubble bathing as the sun sets in one of the most exciting cities in the world, with an uninterrupted view of one of the most iconic buildings - the world trade center. 😍(πŸ“·: @tomjauncey ) show new york some more love on @beautifuldestinations and @beautifulcuisines! #beautifulhotels #bdteam (🎢: "i follow rivers" by @lykkeli - the magician remix)

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Rooftop scenes near the #empirestatebuilding πŸš•(πŸ“·: @readysetjetset ) discover more of new york on @beautifuldestinations and @beautifulcuisines! #beautifulhotels

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Surrounded by so many colors! is there a better way to spend an afternoon in italy? 🍴(πŸ“·: @sassychris1 ) #beautifulhotels

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Thinking about indulging in a turkish breakfast near the rooftop pool as the gorgeous sun rays shine over the vast landscape. the perfect way to start the day β˜€οΈ(πŸ“·: @tattivasilieva ) #beautifulhotels

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Comment a 🌴below if you enjoy walks by the beach! (πŸ“·: @golden_heart ) #beautifulhotels

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Lazy afternoons..isn't this the perfect getaway spot? β›΅(πŸ“·: @dreamandtravel_ ) #beautifulhotels

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Hidden in barcelona’s gothic quarter - the mercer hotel, with ancient roman brick walls and frescoes combined with a rooftop plunge pool, is the perfect place to admire the catalan capital’s historic beauty @mercerhotelbarcelona 🌌

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Enjoy a relaxing dip in this infinity pool while soaking in views of the famous santorini sun setting over endless blues of the aegean sea. what a perfect way to wind down a busy day of exploring πŸŒ…(πŸ“·: @danicaspi ) #beautifulhotels

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Tag your seaside picnic buddies! πŸ‘­(πŸ“·: @elonatheexplorer ) #beautifulhotels

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Le sirenuse is considered one of italy's leading seaside luxury hotel while maintaining the feel and atmosphere of a charming home❀️(πŸ“·: @snowflakesfairy ) #beautifulhotels

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Unbelievably perfect! 🌴(πŸ“·: @mvandersluis ) #beautifulhotels

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Do you like hammocks? keep swinging on πŸ˜„(πŸ“·: @keepeyesopen ) #beautifulhotels

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Stunning and #luxurious hotel interiors πŸ™Œ (πŸ“·: @_alicechoi_ ) #bdteam #beautifulhotels

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Comment a 🌿below if you wish this was your monday! (πŸ“·: @michutravel ) #beautifulhotels

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Imagine laying down on a cozy bed with all rounded views of endless snow-white forests as the sun begins to set and provides the perfect golden hour lighting ❄️(πŸ“·: @elsas_wholesomelife ) #beautifulhotels

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Enjoying sunsets in paradise πŸ’•(πŸ“·: @melotones ) #beautifulhotels

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The sofitel in sydney is made up of 590 rooms and suites, which combine french elegance and design with great views of the harbor! 🌸(πŸ“·: @thetiafox ) #beautifulhotels

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This lodge is located right in the middle of a tea plantation, a thousand meters above sea level! 😍(πŸ“·: @gamintraveler ) #beautifulhotels

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Aerial #resort perfection in the caribbean 🌴(πŸ“·: @zeebalife ) #beautifulhotels

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