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Crescents moons yesterday and stars today ✨ labradorite and amazonite stars on 16 inch 14 kt gf chains #madeinhawaii #handmadejewelry #lovewhatyoudo #northshore #smallbusiness

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Took a day off to enjoy my hood❤️

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Happy sunday all✨ stop and appreciate the beauty all around you . i love waking up to these beauties #hibiscus #northshore #countrylife

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Happy birthday my noa ❤️ we are always so proud of you it’s been a joy being your mom.love you to the moon and stars ⭐️ so many more adventures await ❤️❤️ you! #goodson #oldsoul #believe #hawaiian pic @michaeljohnmurphy 😘

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To all the women who encourage, love, inspire and empower me and each other , today and everyday is #internationalwomensday 🔥 look around at all the women who inspire , love and empower you . tell them what they mean to you ❤️i’ve been inspired by so many, young and old and hopefully i can empower others in my work in my actions and in my wealth of love 💕 my @kayla.ginella_ is a young women and i’m so excited for her adventures to come🔥#pic @konnie_pascual_mcnamara love this shot #womensday #empoweredwomen #womenentrepreneurs #sisters

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Finally going to her new home !! had fun making this piece for a good friend😘 14 kt gold/ diamond / tahitian pearl ✨. @beachlovejewelryhi #14ktgold #tahitianpearls #diamonds #madeinhawaii #handmadejewelry #lovewhatyoudo #shopsmallbusiness #northshore

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Not at its peak height yet! be safe everyone , stay off the roads ! if you know our house you know this is big!! backwash surfing anyone😬

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Great time at @iamthenighttnt premier fauna your dream has come true, your beautiful daughters and @pattyjenkins and @tntdrama are making it a reality !! @ywblend @rashapecoraro momma fauna’s love is heavenly ❤️ @seanogin and i had a wonderful night with your ohana and all the friends who believed in you!! ❤️ #nevergiveup #seethelight #believe #empoweredwomen #iamthenight #loveistheanswer #ohanameanseverything @indahclothing bring this dress back.... seriously!! it was a hit!!

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Premier #iamthenight wonderful seeing fauna’s dream on the big screen !! @amylovehaven @rashapecoraro @ywblend #nevergiveup #faunaisthelight @tntdrama and yes , we are all wearing @beachlovejewelryhi 💋

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