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He know imma fashion killer 🗣

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Bougie b***h with p**n star tendencies

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A @sugarbearhair a day keeps the sugaaah daddies at bay 😛 it honestly makes me so happy to see that whenever i'm on snapchat or instagram live that you guys have been noticing how long my hair been getting! i don't use anything besides my gummies 💙

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Couldn't even handle a b***h like me

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I am my own vibe

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Dat way

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Need me a lil' baby who gon' listen

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Just killed another career, it's a mild day !

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↔️ when you go from "hey xd rawr" to "don't f*****g speak to me."

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Causing frustration on your mind but in the best ways

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Bad lil thang

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🚨new youtube video🚨 posted this weeks story time (my experience living with a white family) grab a snack or two cause this is my longest video yet and it's jam packed with multiple stories and backstories to backstories! link in the bio 😏

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Write my name on that woody like my first name andy

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A problem

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Serving you "it" red carpet movie premiere #looks 🤡

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Wherever i sit is the baddest place in the building

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You can't sit with me

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See both sides like chanel pc: @baailz_

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Vibes 🍃🐉 pc: @raycecar

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