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Day 1 in maui with mamagutz! thank you @tartecosmetics for tonight can’t wait to see what else surprises you have in store for us 🙈💕 #trippinwithtarte

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What’s for dessert, babe?

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Fries & champagne plz

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Baby you’re the love of my life selling all the drugs i like

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Comment your current fav emoji mine is 🤪

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Boba date.

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Just showing y’all my everyday “is he wearing makeup or is he just naturally that cute?!?” makeup routine 💅🏽 watch the video on my channel! link in tha bio 😚

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This doggy is teaching me how to skate 🐶

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Let’s just lay here

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Giving you “nancy jo. this is alexis neiers calling. i’m calling to let you know how disappointed i am in your story. there’s many things that i read in here that were false. like you saying that i wore six inch louboutin heels with my tweed skirt, when i wore four inch little brown bebe shoes”

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Him: send nudes? me:

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Side eyeing all the basics #yesyou

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I hope the universe loves you today

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I know d**n well that guy eating on the left is wondering why i wasn’t on the menu cause i’m over here looking like a meal 🙈

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I walk slow for all the eyes tryna catch this

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My dream is to meet someone who takes pictures of me without me asking. is that to much to ask for?

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Kiwi, strawberry and mango

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Your love? i want it

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