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With a bunch of my fishy sisters 🐠🎋

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Love me some @sugarbearhair 💙 thank you for keeping my hair nice and healthy 😚

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Pay up

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I just wanna be a bratz doll

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I got a lot of problems but if i had a dollar i bet i could solve them

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Laughing at the girls who could never!!!! 💅🏽💅🏽 happy birthday mom!!! i love you so much! everyone wish mamagutz a happy birthday 🎂💖

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Pussy poppin’ pink

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Desert dusk baddie 🌵🐪🐍 - #lorealparis proglow foundation #tartecosmetics shape tape concealer #morphebrushes 39a #morphebrushes 35b #morphexbretman “babe in paradise” #eyerisbeauty “athena”

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*applies lipgloss with attitude* 💁🏽‍♂️💄 using @tartecosmetics lip sculptor in vip.

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Mahu. - #morphebrushes 39a palette #morphexbretman b**e in paradise palette #eyerisbeauty athena #tarte lippie lingerie “bare” and #limecrime “elle”

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A @sugarbearhair a day keeps the sugar daddies at bay 💰💙 one of my biggest hair secrets (not so secret anymore) on how i have such healthy hair is taking my sugar bear hair gummies 💇🏽‍♂️ check out my insta stories for more info!

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When your man is out being a hoe but it’s okay cause you’re doing the same exact thing 🙈 i dare you to tag a fellow hoe

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So i tried out this fishtail eyebrow trend.... yay or nay? 🐠 - brows: @benefitcosmetics precisely, my brow pencil 4 eyes: @sugarpill pro palette lashes: @lillylashes miami #fishtailbrows

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Tag yourself. my mood is the 4th pic

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If you’re gonna call me a b***h make sure you put stunna first. #stunnabitch #fentybeauty

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The weather in arizona right now has been so amazing. i love it 💕 how cold/hot is it at where you guys are? ⬇️

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It’s so tiring having to show these girls what they should’ve done

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