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Weeeeerrrrkin’ it 💪🏽💃🏽each step counts. each conversation can impact you. every thought can push you forward or backwards. working towards a dream is hard work! keep working! #justdoit @nikelosangeles #ashleyjoi #enjoilife #weekend #vibes #stayfocused #believe

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Keep believing. you are worth every leap and every opportunity to succeed. don’t block your blessings. every experience is a learning lesson, the good and the bad. ☀️ happy saturday #inspiration #enjoilife #ashleyjoi #believe #goals #dreams #happysaturday

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What trying to get through the week looks like... 💪🏽 it’s tough but push through! you can do this! #wednesday #humpday #battleropes #niketraining #la #hardwork

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One of my favorite workouts @rhett_anthony
barbell hip thurst-15x4
db snatch-6x4
front squat-6x4
db overhead press-6x4
db bent over row- 6x4
lateral kettlebell swings- 30 seconds
single leg lateral box jumps- 30 seconds each side
bear crawl (weighted)
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Yesterday was such a beautiful day. happy monday! i hope your week starts off positive and you stay in on track with your goals. 🙌🏽
notes from @tphonela 🗣 @toureroberts
matthew 16:19
religion without revelation is dangerous.
by revelation there is progress
1. progress - i don’t have to see everything my steps have been ordered. the steps god has promised i just need to get into the string of revelation. stop trying to see everything and start believing everything god said. if you start to believe you will start to see. trust who god says you are. be careful how you build. are you building by feelings or revelation? building by what society says you should be? god will not give you the entire staircase he will give you one step in front of you. you have to do the little things, nothing is beneath you. god will build you. you got governed by your feelings. whatever god does not build in your life will be crushed. want what god has for you. make up in your mind that you will not build with no other material but revelation. ( no rolling the dice) when you find out who christ is you find out who you are. there is hidden glory in things we see daily or walk by! glory can come from the most difficult situations.
2. protection - the unseen and the unknown you are protected by god. some of us are afraid of the unknown you’ve received the narrative that some ghost of the past will s****h you up, faith can not be activated because it’s the element of invisible and in order to move in faith you have to move by the unknown into the unknown. if you move in revelation you are safe.
3. power -
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Smile right now...notice how it changed your mood? it’s a natural blessing installed in us “smile” it will brighten your mood🖤life is not easy at all, it gets lonely, it gets difficult and sometimes you can not see the end of situation you’re currently in. remember you’re not alone.
1. reach out to your friends/family/coworkers
2. practice positive self talk
3. remind yourself that this situation will pass
4. do something that brings you joy
5. go outside get fresh air&sun
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Keep going! hard work is not appealing to everyone because it takes work! there is no other way to accomplish any goal unless you work hard! there will be resistance in your life ( the band) you will get tired and want to give up... but even if you slow down dont give up! #enjoilife 💪🏽 #ilovehighknees #ashleyjoi #enjoilife #hardwork #thursday #motivation #inspiration

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Yesterday’s sermon by @toureroberts gave me the feeling of☀️🌺spring🌼🌸 below are my notes from church ⛪️:
flesh and blood can not bring revelation
the father is the revelation. it brings you into relationship. the rules are to get you to revelation when you get there you have everything you need. you will be current. i’ll know what god is doing. i won’t laughing during a crying season or crying during a laughing season.
matthew 16:18
you have an identity beyond your nickname expectations of others. jesus gives revelation of self.
galatians 3:24
therefore the law was our tutor
but after faith we are no longer under the tutor
i know there is a moment in your life you will shaky but you are a stone.
you have a path assigned to your life. how do we get to the message that was before me to me. by revelation! have to be in close, studying and looking at jesus !
1.progress - god wants to build you. that’s why you can’t be too discouraged at where you are. even if you’re at a high place. he is still building you.
your assignment is to hear the call and be part of the call and call others.
you no longer accept mediocrity

how do we get revelation ? we surrender. we tap into it. god wants to open something up to you.
give revelation space/ honor it/ give it room. it will build your life. you have to trust it. #faith #believe #church #god #motivation #life #ashleyjoi #enjoilife #mondaymotivation #sunday #churchnotes #la #tphla

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It won’t be easy. at times you can not see the finish, trust and believe it is there. one step at a time. i believe in you. 🙌🏽 #believe #notanoption #womensupportingwomen #goals #inspiration #faith #finish #ashleyjoi

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💕she is strong proverbs 31:25 #ashleyjoi #enjoilife #internationalwomensday
ladies embrace your strengths, be aware of your weaknesses and accepts your imperfections!because all those combined makes you the amazing bad a*s woman you are! 👩🏽👩🏻👩🏾👩🏼‍🦰👩🏼#thefutureisfemale

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💕empower the women around you💕 #sisterhood was so blessed to attend @wearelwd and be surrounded by such powerful inspiring women! 🙌🏽 🥂 cheers to 10 years @iamdebralee x @wearelwd 💕 #womensupportingwomen #ashleyjoi #enjoilife #powerful #inspired #thankful #la #oc #gratitude #yoga #nikela 👉🏽swipe

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I teamed up with @livestrong_com and @one1brands to share my tips for adding a little more fitness into your morning routine. check it out 😎 #linkinbio! ps my post workout smile is because i found my new favorite flavor…#darkchocolateseasalt 🍫💕 #youvefoundtheone #sponsored #ashleyjoi #enjoilife 📸: @andybonura 🙌🏽

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