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Do you just want it? or do you want to obtain it and keep it? which kind of person are you? takes effort to obtain and even more effort to keep anything! stay persistent after those goals and stay consistent in your actions. let’s get it and keep it! #goals #life #enjoilife #persistent #consistent #ashleyjoi #health #career

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I want to forever smile big, inspire others, achieve goals, become a better woman, push boundaries and enjoilife ! you?! 🧐 this week will be a good week! 🤩 what do you have planned? #ashleyjoi #enjoilife #newweek #monday #life #curls #smile #inspire #believe #fitness

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Preparing for your next ⛪️ 📝
if we are not careful we will get stuck. we will loose. find yourself following the crowd. doing what everyone else was doing. our marriages dreams expectations life wears us down following the crowd not asking. you have a race to run. find that race that place of grace. you’re not in competition the only person you’re competing against if the person you were yesterday.
your secrets to your success are your secrets. we have weights of negativity. if we are just thinking them there will be no consequences. the weights of thoughts in your head will weigh you down.
sin is when we are not living our lives with dignity and a cause. vulnerable to s****l immorality. when you say i am not going to miss the mark you regain your dignity. don’t fool around with shame. immediately embrace the blood of jesus.
if you can change your mind. you can change your season. by nature we are uncomfortable with new/change. jesus is always doing something new he wants to change you to your next.
luke 5:38-39
new wine must be poured into new wineskins. and no one after drinking old wine wants the new for they say, “the old is better “ - new is an acquired taste. when he starts opening doors and closes doors you have been going in and out freely. he closes those right when he is about to open a door you would have never imagined.
what are you willing to let go of? willing to let in to let in the new. what are you willing to exchange? let go of the ashes... ▪️evaluate
fair assessment where you are at. what your value and why you value. the next is linked the brutal evaluation. how you handle your enemies... ( we aren’t jesus don’t take yourself so serious) they disagree
season when you evaluate who is in your life. they want to stay comfortable you’re ready for the new. don’t burn bridges. enemies may be for a season. be careful. enemies are hard to maintain. get over it. pay attention to your enemies, what bothers you about them? ▪️eliminate
make room for the new.
ego check - it is to be your servant not your master ▪️elevate
ask yourself. who am i? you can loose your way. you can not be anointed if you are not aligned with god. #ashleyjoi

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Be consistent. with your intentions. your words. your actions. your goals. your life. which part of your life are you consistent? in that area are you take seriously? if not be more consistent. goal in life is to be consistent in all areas of your life. ❤️ happy saturday! #life #beconsistent #ashleyjoi #enjoilife

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...if people only knew...your past does not have the power and control of your present. stay strong. evolve and always show gratitude for the lessons god has given you. #tbt #evolve #growth #enjoilife #ashleyjoi #love #life #journey

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Because nothing is going right today! i’m channeling this mood. and giving out all the positive vibes to anyone who needs them! smile shake it off and enjoilife boo! 😄 #weirdday #humpday #nothinggoingright #ohwell #smile #enjoilife #ashleyjoi #godgotme #happiness #curls #blackgirlmagic

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The quality of your sleep is so important! it impacts your mood, energy as well as your health! don’t take it for granted at all. i’m happy my @lullbed mattress arrived. 🥂 cheers to better sleep and more energy to get after my goals and busy days! #getyourlullon #ad #ashleyjoi #enjoilife

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What a weekend!!!! ❤️💛❤️👩🏽‍🎓❤️💛❤️ filled with family friends, love, joy and happiness! huge congratulations to my cousin @_lashawnn_ for graduating from @uscedu masters in pr 🙌🏽 no matter what is going on in life it is important to take the time to support and acknowledge others achievements! also congratulations to @meganrkelley for doing the d**n thang! wife mother sister and pregnant and nothing stopped you! i’m so inspired by both these woman also inspired by my family coming together and truly living in the moment to celebrate my lil cuzzo’s huge milestone! #family #usc #mothersdayweekend #uscgrad #la #monday #enjoilife #ashleyjoi

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Throwback to a time i felt i saw my name in lights ✨🙌🏽💪🏽 such a great collaboration with @finishlinewomen x @nikelosangeles #wearemore campaign. stay grateful and hungry for more! and watch each opportunity and experience be unforgettable. #wearemore #nikela #ashleyjoi #enjoilife #believe #goals #tbt #niketraining #finishline

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Be kind to yourself. believe in yourself. you belong here. .
this wall is filled with such joy and the words are powerful. if you’re still here on earth breathing and living you belong here and have a purpose. god is not done with you. 🤗 🙌🏽 #ashleyjoi #enjoilife #art #hollywood #joy #bright #motivation #believe

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So i had a great workout yesterday! but! i also struggled...my mental took over and i could not shake that my grip wasn’t as tight, i didn’t realize i was strong enough and getting the bar up i just needed to get under it!!!! after looking at film i’m like omg 🙄 reeeaaaallly ashley! i need to trust @rypenfitness when he told me to go because i had it and i needed to let go of something i had no control over and just make it work ! here is me overthinking doubting and then the bar slips right out of my grip for many reasons ( fatigue, sweat and mental self doubt) 🏋🏽‍♀️ ooooh but do i love to lift 🥰💪🏽
#hangclean #niketraining #la #nikela #ashleyjoi #enjoilife #fail #overthink #learn #selfdoubt #trustyourself

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