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Now in paris - our people
#giletsjaunes #acte18 #paris

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Now in paris. robocops.
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Might be the best i have seen so far in miami. great digital immersion exhibition at @artechouse by @adrienmclaireb -
i am on the right side and @artofzane is on the left.
#artechousemiami #adrienmclaireb #xyzt #miamiartweek

December 2018 comment 6 star 130

About last night
"meaningless" show @void_projects x @juxtapozmag in miami opening tonight at 7:00pm

#voidprojects #meaningless #nosleep #artbasel #miami

December 2018 comment 3 star 139

Diamond by @axelvoid (detail) - part of the homeless project organised by @void_projects with beautiful artists which gives a little balance to the miami frenzy.
#axelvoid #homeless #miamishores #diamond

December 2018 comment 3 star 93

Poetry and delicacy and complexity and strength emanate from this installation. these features could as well apply to the beautiful artist who created it, @vlad_was_framed . at @konventzero in catalonia for creença, @void_projects artist residence a few weeks ago .
#vladatrocka #voidprojects #creença #konventzero #konventpuntzero #installation #artresidence

September 2018 comment 3 star 118

I love @l.e.other, his heart, his coolness, the way he sees beauty in all people, and the way he looks at the world. and i love his work, depicting his family and friends as well as situations close to him to convey a universal message. this guy is amazing, if you haven’t met him yet, i hope you will and in any event, you should keep an eye on him.
he is currently a #creença artist in residence at @konventzero with @void_projects curated by @axelvoid - come join the 3-day event starting tonight with the most amazing people👊👊
#voidprojects #konventpuntzero #konventzero

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August 2018 comment 1 star 75

Not sure i have words to describe the effect this massive sculpture on which @michael_beitz is working on at @konventzero had on me. the wood, the suspended intertwined beds, the impression of weight and lightness, the slow motion, the walls in ruins, the dimness, all this resonates and you want to stay there forever in contemplation.
#creença @void_projects #michaelbeitz #sculpture #konventpuntzero #voidprojects

August 2018 comment 5 star 134

Beautiful place @konventzero a few hours from barcelona, hosting ´creença’, a project by @void_projects curated by @axelvoid and organised by @jofre.oliveras @elsa.gue.rra @charlotte_pyatt : a two-month art residency with 50 artists, culminating in an unmissable 3-day event on august 31st-sept. 2nd
#voidprojects #artresidency #axelvoid #konventzero #creença

August 2018 comment 9 star 166

Bastille day yesterday, and the finals today, never seen so many french flags around #allezlesbleus #worldcup2018

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