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Grateful to perform beside this incredible group of human beings / artists every night! thank you thank youuu! ♡ see you so so sooooooon

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Thank you to my brother @brilovelife / kid 🍊for your hard work, your strength, your art and inspiration !! ♡

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See you soon 😌

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♡ ☁️🌈 @dangerouswomantour @alfredoflores p.s. @bstrongbrand that lil run thooooo 😌🙈🎹 my head whipped around so fast 😍 !!!! you are so incredible. i love my band so so so much. endlessly grateful for you guys @_natural__ @aspears @ezingram 🙏🏼

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At the close of this european leg of my dangerous woman tour, i just wanted to thank you properly for the overwhelming love and support you’ve shown me, my crew, and each other during this challenging time. spending this time with you this month has been so very healing and special! thank you for being here. thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity in supporting one love manchester and for helping the families as much as you possibly could. thank you for bringing your absolute brightest, most passionate, contagious energy to these shows and for wiping my tears away. ♡ i'm immensely grateful!!!! i hope you can feel my love, wherever you are because i'm sending you all that i've got. see you so soon. ♡ @alfredoflores @dangerouswomantour

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♡ happy father's day ♡ 😌 i love you

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Turin, i love youuuuu. mille mille grazie. ♡ ti voglio beneee !! 🇮🇹

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Last show europe ♡ 🌙🌙 @dangerouswomantour @alfredoflores

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Horrified doesn't even begin to cover it. my heart and prayers are with philando's family. #philandocastile (second photo should also include #altonsterling #terrancecrutcher and more) 😔🙏🏼♡

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1 more europe 🌙 i love you see you tomorrow, turin ♡ 💛 @dangerouswomantour @alfredoflores

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M00d ~ hbd my heart

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Coast clear

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Mille grazie roma ♡ 😭 vi amo tuttiiiiii ti amo ti amo ti amo lo amo l'italia

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