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Italian designer sent resort 2018 collection down the runway at the closing show of the 4th edition of the arab fashion week, organized by the arab fashion council, marked the first time that marras has participated. the fashion designer antonio marras said, “it was very international, very multifaceted, with different ages, different races, and that very much reflects the city and what you see in dubai”. check out the collection of antonio marras at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/antonio-marras-ready-couture-and-resort-2018/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #antoniomarras #readycouture #resort2018 @antoniomarrasofficial

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Womenswear label marchesa paraded a dazzling array of its evening and bridal gowns during the 4th edition of the arab fashion week in dubai. check out the collection of marchesa bridal at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/marchesa-bridal-ready-couture-resort-2018/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #marchesa #marchesabridal #resort2018 #readycouture

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The fashion designer ingie chalhoub commented: “i am thrilled to lead the creative efforts of the arab fashion council as i am part of an initiative that is bringing to life the vision to put dubai on the world’s most prominent fashion capitals in the world. the arab fashion week this year is also fantastic for my brand, ingie paris, as we revealed our pre-collections during the only ready-couture fashion week in the world”. check out the collection of ingie paris at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/ingie-paris-ready-couture-resort-2018/ #ingieparis #ingiechalhoub #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #resort2018 #readycouture

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The dubai-based filipino designer, michael cinco showcased his new taj mahal collection during the 4th edition of the arab fashion week. michael cinco is best known for his fabulous couture gowns. his innate creativity and masterful techniques have catapulted him to the front ranks of fashion. check out the collection of michael cinco at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/michael-cinco-ready-couture-resort-2018/ #michaelcinco #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #resort2018 #readycouture #michael5inco #michaelcincodubai michael cinco couture @michael5inco

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Sylwia romaniuk showcased her first ready-couture and unique collection full of class and elegance inspired by the variable nature of women. black and white embroidered lace and sensual feminism nominated the dna of the collection. check out the collection of sylwia romaniuk at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/sylwia-romaniuk/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #sylwiaromaniuk #resort2018 #readycouture

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Elegance and femininity are the backbone of kristina fidelskaya’s eponymous label, and her first resort collection. taking the inspiration from the cote d’azur, the 23 pieces had officially debuted at the arab fashion week. the resort wear seamlessly embodies the brand’s dna of a timeless, feminine and contemporary allure, with luxury fabrics and romantic silhouettes in fidelskaya’s signature color palette of ivory, powder, rose, taupe and gold. check out the collection of kristina fidelskaya at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/9864-2/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #kristinafidelskaya #resort2018 #readycouture @kristinafidelskaya

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Bruno caruso privee presented his amazing collection that witnessed a red carpet ready-couture collection mixing fur with lace and embroideries in two main colors white and black. the italian beauty icon @raffaellamodugno opened and closed the fashion show of bruno caruso. check out the collection of bruno caruso at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/bruno-caruso-privee-ready-couture-resort-2018/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #brunocarusoprivee #brunocaruso #readycouture #resort2018

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Aiisha ramadan showcased her latest resort collection, l'azure, displaying eight different styles of swimwear with models. they represented women from different walks of life. showcasing a variety of bathing suits and burkinis, this collection draws inspiration from the ocean, depicting deep hues of blue and red, representing the mystery and magic of life under the sea. check out the collection of aiisha ramadan at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/aiisha-ramadan-ready-couture-resort-2018/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #aiisharamadan #resort2018 #readycouture

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The italian legend renato balestra showcased his ready couture collection enriched by the know how of the italian system. the show was attended by diplomats and italian influencers. check out the collection of renato balestra in the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/renato-balestra-ready-couture-resort-2018/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #renatobalestra #resort2018 #readycouture

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Indonesian designer khanaan sponsored by @bekraf.go.id showcased her ready couture collection at the arab fashion week under the patronage of the indonesian government. check out the collection of the indonesian designers in the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/khanaan/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #khanaan #indonesiangoverment #readycouture #resort2018

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Indonesian designer mel ahyar sponsored by @bekraf.go.id showcased her ready couture collection at the arab fashion week under the patronage of the indonesian government. check out the collection of mel ahyar at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/mel-ahyar/ #arabfashioweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #readycouture #resort2018 #melahyar #indonesiangoverment

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Indonesian designer saptodjojokartiko sponsored by @bekraf.go.id showcased his ready couture collection at the arab fashion week under the patronage of the indonesian government. check out the collection of the saptodjojokartiko at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/saptodjojokartiko-ready-couture-resort-2018/ #jacobabrian #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #saptodjojokartiko #indonesiandesigners #resort2018 #readycouture

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Russian maison speranza couture wowed the audience during her debut at the arab fashion week. lace and handcraft, white and champagne colors were the main elements that dominated this collection. check out the collection of speranza couture at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/9877-2/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #speranzacouture #readycouture #resort2018 @speranzacouture

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We are excited to announce that the arab fashion council will host the arab fashion awards 2017 in venice during the venice film festival in collaboration with the city of venice at the ''casino di venezia''. designers will have the chance to display their collection at the celebrities dressing rooms from 30 august - 9 september 2017 at the lido di venezia hotel excelsior where the stars will be accommodated. application is now open through the following link, don't miss the chance to dress one of the celebrities on the red carpet: http://arabfashionweek.org/dressing-rooms/ يسرنا أن نعلن أن مجلس الأزياء العربي سيستضيف حفل تقديم جوائز الأزياء العربية لعام ٢٠١٧ في مدينة البندقية خلال مهرجان البندقية السينمائي بالتعاون مع مدينة البندقية في "كازينو فينيزيا". ستتاح للمصممين الفرصة لعرض مجموعتهم في غرف حجرة لباس المشاهير والاعداد بالمسرح من 30 أغسطس / آب إلى 9 سبتمبر / أيلول 2017 في فندق ليدو دي فينيزيا هوتل إكسلزيور حيث سيتم استضافة النجوم. ان تقديم الطلبات مفتوح الآن عبر الرابط التالي، لا تفوت فرصة الباس احد النجوم على السجادة الحمراء : http://arabfashionweek.org/dressing-rooms/ #arabfashionawards #arabfashioncouncil #arabfashionweek #venicefilmfestival #redcarpet #italy #celebrities #fashionawards

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Malliny dresses were created in a single copy, promoting femininity and sublime features of the fair tail. the dresses were made especially for the stylish women with attitude and refined tastes. malliny brand's priority is to make women feel beautiful and special. check out the collection of malliny at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/malliny/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #malliny #resort2018 #readycouture @malliny_mln

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Zoë eckett designer and owner of eckett showed her latest exciting resort collection, under the name of “natural beauty” on the runway for the first time in dubai during the 4th edition of the arab fashion week. check out the collection of eckett at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/eckett-couture-ready-couture-resort-2018/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #resort2018 #readycouture #eckettcouture #eckett

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Ilse jara, one of the upcoming designers from paraguay, presented a ready-couture collection during the 4th edition of the arab fashion week merging technological innovations with natural materials and traditional embroidery techniques. it is a collection that realizes the beauty of the crystallization of mother nature. ilse jara was inspired by gemstones like amethyst, quartz and agate, minerals that represent beauty from the inside to the outside. the designer presented silk crepe, silk organza, silk sateen and hand embroidered crystals. in addition some fabrics were printed and the colors dyed by hand. check out the collection of ilse jara at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/ilse-jara-ready-couture-resort-2018/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #ilsejara #resort2018 #readycouture @ilsejara

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Saudi mother and daughter designer suzan farhoud and leen al-shieshakly showcased their resort 2018, as jeans ready couture collection dominated by daring pieces and see-through and always enriched with handcrafted details during the 4th edition of the arab fashion week. check out the collection of jeans couture in the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/jeans-couture/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #jeanscouture #resort2018 #readycouture #jacobabrian @jeanscouture

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The students of fashion design in the college of fine arts and design at american university in the emirates showcased their creations during the arab fashion week, aptly titled “next generation”. the inspiration for the collection came from 3d geometrical skin for which they undertook in-depth research and came up with a striking range of black, white and red to highlight their ready-couture outfits. check out the collection of next generation at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/next-generation-ready-couture-resort-2018/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #readycouture #resort #jacobabrian #nextgeneration

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“we’re honored to be opening arab fashion week and are thrilled to introduce our ready-to-wear and bridal collections, allowing customers an intimate opportunity to purchase collection items they see on the runway,” says marchesa co-founder georgina chapman. check out the collection of marchesa at the link below: http://arabfashionweek.org/9831-2/ #arabfashionweek #arabfashioncouncil #readycouture #resort2018 #marchesa #jacobabrian

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