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Point me in the direction of the nearest lilac bush plz

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Came home to a rainy la and a rose growing out of this bougainvillea bush. magic all around 🤷🏼‍♀️✨ .
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Love an excuse to visit our nephews and niece even for a day or two. enjoy evan at the screen door. ❤️😂 .
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Title: corey turns 30 and feels feelings as usual.
happy birthday, babe. you’re my brightest star, my closest companion, my cheerleader, my friend, my dreamboat. glad we could cry by the ocean to celebrate this grand life event together ❤️ #everythingmakesmecry #30flirtyandthriving #guessifcoreysnaked

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Happy thirsty thursday from us (and duane, of course) 🥂 i think now might be a good time to plug my cove haven highlights story to any new followers. it’s a real doozy, but if you make it through the whole thing then you will truly know me. 🤷🏼‍♀️ .
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Hey hi thanks for joining us i’m margaret, i grew up in the midwest but now live in pasadena, ca. i like fun and color and food and doing the right thing and complaining about purity culture and society and laughing at how cute my dog is and waiting in line for so long at @glossier that my almost-30-year-old husband is forced to p*e in a water bottle in the car out of desperation. i think that covers it!!!! welcome!!!!! ***personal story used with permission ***happy birthday week, @coreybienert 😬❤️ ps luv the boy brow omg

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Hannah at the beverly hills hotel today...as a tree, obv ✨
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I’m giving a tour of my favorite la spots this week on @withthelocals so if you’re interested you should head on over, i’d love to see some familiar faces and it’s gonna be a real journey 💁‍♀️ .
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I’ve got 99 flowers and this b!tch is 1!

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She loved flowers so much she became one 🌼🤷🏼‍♀️✨ celebrated life in some good ways today with the west coast fam 💛

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Some bts from a shoot where we turned @emilyrosetalsma into a cute pineapple 🍍✨
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