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I ➡ love ➡ this guy!


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Today was just what i needed ♡

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Someone came to work with me today!

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Going through a grapefruit phase 😋

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Is it just me or is this warm weather putting a smile on your face too!?!

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A touch of spring 🌷

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Saturday vibes. having too much fun not getting the housework done 😜

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I would like to introduce you to my favourite lunch. simple and soo satisfying.

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Already dreaming about sleeping tomorrow night, post workout and massage... it's gonna be soooo good! anyone else struggle to sleep while pregnant???
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Carter: mom! i could give my ellie to my baby!". kid melts my 🖤 in other news, today is day 1 of the #thirdtrimester and i'm nesting like a mofo.

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Fresh linens... yes i'm actually 55 and sooo happy.

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I always try to keep this simple idea in the back of my mind, along with my past mentor/sales manager's mantra "no compromise". one of the many golden nuggets of wisdom from @mauricewatts 😊
the small things you do matter! your efforts count, at work and at home. your actions big and small build and contribute to the bigger picture.
give your best to every client (big and small), be in the moment with family and friends, and you will be proud of what you can accomplish.
the reverse is also true... slowly give less than your best, even just here and there, compromise on small things, and over time you won't feel that same sense of pride. you won't achieve the same success.
make it count. it won't always be perfect, life is messy, life is unpredictable but you can always control the effort you put in.
make this life something you're proud to put your name on! do that and no matter how many times you stumble -- you will find success!
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