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When office mom pulls through big time on a friday! thanks @kateyestudios and @sharptoothtreats 😍❤💛💚💙💜 #pride #loveislove

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The flaming lips tonight 😊

#yxe #theflaminglips

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"it matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love"
- john lennon
📷 @opensailyxe

#pride #love #pridefestival #yxe #loveislove

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Dad to the rescue! it was a good chance to have a coffee and hang out ♡

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It's + 30 and we're heading to the outdoor pool. peace out!

#makingthemostoflife #yxe #poolseason

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Little dude was into the onion volcano at the samurai 🌋

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Had an amazing day celebrating this guy ♡

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When your son likes immigrant song as much as you do. #thatsmyboy #rockonlittleone #ledzeppelin

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Some weekends call for a jug🤣🤣🤣

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Par 4. yeah!

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🎤well i love a rainy night; i love a rainy night.
i love to hear the thunder;
watch the lightning when i lights up the sky.
you know it makes me feel good.

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Nothing is more fearless than a mother protecting her child.
check out @smallbutmightysk a local chairty started by mothers taking action and rasing money for childhood cancer research in #saskatchewan .
they are looking for sponsors for their annual #goldwalk2018 this septmeber. they need sponsors for a range of items like tents, entertainment, silent auction, etc. if you or your employer sponsors local charities, let me know -- together we can give local families hope! .
#yxe #smallbutmightysk #livingyxe #childhoodcancer #ittakesavillage #yxemoms #hope #sask #givehope #cancerawareness #saskatoon #regina #yqr

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