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Ysl meets keith haring meets me! new designs coming soon!

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Shop it on @themodist.... newest stockist in town!

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So cool! @artwhizz

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Introducing our velvet bodysuits for for a more discrete lady! available very shortly in the middle east and obviously rest of world @themodist. thank you @sashanatalia for being such a bodysuit visionary!

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Dressed up fish @artwhizz @seafoodopedia

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Boom shakala πŸ“Έ @asliiturk

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Last chance to order your summer bodysuit.... end of stock, end of the world... and we’re also offering a wee discount by typing summersale at the website checkout!

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How to wear flowers and be happy according to @bexroxstudio

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I, tonya coming soon

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A sea of sorrows

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Hello browns! new collection now live and kicking. check it out at @brownsfashion

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Friday synchronised swimming with @emmamitz @allthingself @letiziasebregondi

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