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I’ll give simpson credit, the campus is stunning! #simpsoncollege #collegephotography #fall

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Cheesing cause 48 days till i'm back in australia! throwing it back to 2015 with this one! #sydney #australia #cronulla #regram

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51 days until i head down under and i’m going to try and challenge myself to better my photography by 51 days of posting a new photo! so to start things off check out these awesome pics taken by a gopro!? yes a gopr!!
#gopro #goprohero7 #collegephotography #livelikecasey

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To find the beauty in ordinary, you must find the extraordinary within yourself.
#dronephotography #smalltownlife #djimavicpro

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“sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” dr. seuss
make sure your wedding day is captured in a way that you can always look back on and relive the moment🎥 just send me a message today and i’d love to help you!
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Throwing it back to last time i was in sydney with @wadeaunger @wadeswhirl visiting @hillsongsydney can't wait to be back down under december 14! #sydney #australia #downunder #aussie

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One of my favorites pictures from nationals featuring the best appearing car! #knoxvilleraceway #nosenergy #canonphotography #canon #racing

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Everyone watch out because the first episode of between 2 trophies with a.j. & joanne should air tonight! #between2trophies #knoxville #knoxvilleraceway
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The new @slidewaysia promotional video! had a blast creating it, so check out slideways now! where you don’t want to get sideways😏
#canonvideo #slideways #knoxville

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Knoxville panthers first cross country meet of the 2018 season! once a panther, always a panther! awesome job panthers!
full video is link in description & quality is also better in full version.
#panthers #knoxville #crosscountry @splavy @joeyhem2 @andy2au @andrew2au @abbeyjackson_77

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Whatever you do, do with a firey passion! #letitburn #fire #lovewhatyoudo #rawphotography

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