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Lil miss paparazzi 🎥💕📸 thank you so much for having me last night @trevorproject, your work is incredible! thank you @jonathansimkhai for this amazing dress, thank you @remi.mua for this beat & thank you @richiekeo @elitenyc ❤️

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Thank you so much @mastercard for having me today at your wonderful breakfast/panel discussion about why #acceptancematters now more than ever especially with it being #worldpride2019, along with the unveiling of #acceptancestreet, a lovely new addition to christopher st. & g*y st. ❤️ also for letting me be angelic w/ my absolute love @antoni lol 💘🥰💐🦋 #sponsored

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My spread in @outmagazine x @gucci 💕 by @haozeng_com @yashuasimmons @theokogan w/ me interviewed by #cocoromack talking about my vision for the future of fashion ✨ @elitenyc @richiekeo xoxo

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Me for @outmagazine x @gucci by @haozeng_com 🖤 styled by @yashuasimmons, hair & makeup by @theokogan 💫 thank you to this lovely team and thank you so much my loves @papi.prada @pfpicardi & #cocoromack xx ❤️ @elitenyc @richiekeo

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Swipe — closing @willienorrisworkshop last night - my first runway & first time closing a show. i’m honestly speechless for so many reasons... if you know me you know that willie norris is a deeply special and present person in my life both professionally and personally. he has endless heart, talent and grit. he is real as fuck. i love him with my whole heart. couldn’t be happier to have done this with him. my hands were shaking and my heart was beating out of my chest. i hope that my first show goes to show that runways and fashion collections with people like me in it can be possible and there should be more things and opportunities like this everywhere within the fashion industry/world. thank you. ❤️ @elitenyc @richiekeo 💖💖

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Baby’s first runway :) no more excuses. take notes because me as a runway model truly is more than possible. i love you @willienorrisworkshop congratulations i’m so proud of you 💖 @elitenyc @richiekeo ❤️

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Hey it’s been a really strange and intense couple days! so, i decided that i am going to step back from social media in general for a bit for safety reasons. don’t worry about missing a thing though- i’m just gonna post my pics and go. but that’s it atm. so yeah see y’all! ❤️ big love and congratulations to @ohmakeda & @kbank.s for literally slaying such a major opportunity with me

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Attitude @kbank.s

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I’ve been sort of thinking about how vulnerable it is to be visible in the world we live in right now being someone like myself, but also the fact that so many people just fail to comprehend the simplicity of my being. the sort of price i have to pay with wanting nothing more but to objectively be as i am- that currently being & simply being a teenage girl from the bronx with a job who works for the things i want and publicly advocates on behalf of what is wrong and right within the parts of the world that actively concerns me. i’ve been so emotional lately- for myself, my loved ones, my family, for the world. i have been so happy. so very happy... i’ve been so shocked, so determined, so focused... so surprised... i’ve also been so sad, so devastated, so heartbroken, so angry, so intolerant, so indifferent, so jaded and so so so confused at the state of the world, humanity and towards the level of open bigotry, violence & oppression fed to us both irl and url on a day to day basis. i have no desire to be misunderstood, or used as an image for people to display and show their “wokeness” because they support me that conditionally where they’ll use a two year old picture reference of me to show that they “stan” or “support” someone trans in blue eyeliner, a gucci gown and a bleach blonde afro who didn’t pass as who they wanted to be bc they weren’t comfortable enough with themselves at the time to do so. i don’t want to be a token i don’t want to be the face of transness or disability, i am not ‘gender fluid’ i am not the ‘trans model’ i am not the ‘disabled model’ i am not the ‘trans, disabled model’... i am a black girl in a wheelchair. i want normalcy. xx 💖 untouched by my sweet @lukegilford for @sephora❣️makeup by @gracegraceahn, styled by @kyleluu/@slimybutts, hair by @lucas.a.wilson, nails by @merricures 🧚🏾‍♀️ @elitenyc @richiekeo ❤️

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Time & time again i’ve started wars in the heads of men
i am a woman i do not break, i bend
i’m sent to heal, angels are real
in a world of steel

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Me for @instagram by @ohmakeda 💟 makeup by @kbank.s, styling by yours truly. let’s b**w this popsicle stand xoxo thank you so much to the @instagram team❣️ @elitenyc @richiekeo 💞

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