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All the captions under my posts sound like some p***y s**t lol.

January 2019 comment 2 star 34

I’m really not excited for the first semester to end cause i like who i get to see each day of school and i don’t wanna change that.

January 2019 comment 0 star 32

I feel guilty for not posting cause i still feel like i need to but i never feel like posting so i always wind up spamming a bunch of posts in a row whenever i get in a bad mood lol.

January 2019 comment 2 star 28

The only thing i have going for me rn is my new job at rite aid.

January 2019 comment 0 star 28

The last few bits of motivation i had to do anything left with 2018. i feel like i spend way too much time wasting my time to get f*****g nowhere, with everything i do.

January 2019 comment 1 star 13

I’m probably gonna abandon or delete this acc soon and make a new personal. idek what i’m gonna post on it but atm i don’t give a s**t about memes and almost nobody that i give a s**t about sees my posts on this page so there’s really no point in posting.

January 2019 comment 3 star 40

This whole break kinda sucked. i spent as much as i could with my friends but overall i’m just in a worse mood. christmas and new years this year both felt like just another average day. if this is how the rest of 2019 is gonna go i’m not excited.

January 2019 comment 0 star 24


January 2019 comment 1 star 40

I can’t remember half of the s**t that happened in the first half of 2018 so i can’t really give a recap, the only important part is that it all f*****g sucked. 2019 is probably gonna be another s**t show so there’s no real reason to make new years resolutions. there’s a lot of s**t i wanna achieve next year but i doubt any of it will actually happen. i’m waiting for 2020 to do all that, that’s gonna be a good a*s year.

January 2019 comment 1 star 31

Did something happen to instagrams algorithm i see a bunch of people talking about it

December 2018 comment 2 star 30

Does this mean we gotta wait a hundred years until someone finds this dude in ice

December 2018 comment 3 star 31

This is cute

December 2018 comment 3 star 30