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You like my hair?
gee, thanks,
genetics πŸ‘‘

thenks pidge @theoryofaash πŸ€—

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Slim to my shady πŸ•΄

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I fell down some stairs so lemme just caption this 'sunkissed' 🌞
hair done by @kumar_vk290 πŸ™Œ @cucumbafamilylounge

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Life is like a ferris wheel. for a moment you're on top, the next at the bottom.

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πŸ’•happy birthday baeπŸ’•
i love you and miss you alreadyπŸ€—
hopefully we'll pop a bottle next year πŸ˜‚ muahhπŸ’‹

#bestbaeintheworld πŸ‘­

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If i give you this look, that means i’m either soooo into you or plotting your murder. there’s no in between. your dead a*s is mine βš‘πŸ’‹

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Happy birthday to my baby girlπŸ€—
πŸ’›my girl at her sweet 17πŸ’›
you're selfless, kind, loving, caring and what not i hope your birthday is awesome as you are.. i love you and you're my favorite.. now go enjoy your day πŸŽ‚
#virgosisters #myfavorite #imissourcarpoolkaraoke #myloveforyouisunconditional

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Mom πŸ€—

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Ma achuniii 🧑

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Mehendi day πŸ˜„

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