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Try not to yawn
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Never skip your skincare routine @9gagmobile

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@fitbeast presents: when superman tries to use escalator but his superhero instincts won’t let him.
by @vincent.bouchard.9
#fitbeast #fitness #superman

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When someone asks how my diet is going.
by @arron_crascall | follow @9gagnomnom
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Not even nyc can escape piggy b mania! click link in bio to download @tapempire and meet the real piggy b!
video by @smoothsmith8

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Every dog owner ever.⠀
by @sanesparza⠀
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The craziest part is, i ended up being in debt instead.⠀
by devinthe_legend | tw⠀
#gotocollegetheysaid #itwouldbeusefultheysaid #9gag

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Tips: drop some "really?" "that's crazy!" once in a while.⠀
#sorrynotsorry #foodcomesfirst #9gag

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Tag someone to make them knees weak arms spaghetti
🎥@everchanginghorizon 📍huashan china
#adrenaline #climbershigh #9gag #hikingtrail #7000ftdrop

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What would you be dressing to work then?⠀
#work #office #9gag

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Raindrops keep falling on my head @barked

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