They claim that you can never truly escape your past. However, we believe that Instagram’s Story Highlights might also help your social media marketing efforts. You can keep your Instagram Stories on display for as long as you choose by using a feature called Highlights.

To organise your content, you may make one or more Highlights albums. In case you haven’t noticed, albums with round thumbnail covers show up in the space between your bio and the grid of your posts.
Highlights on Instagram? Read and use these 10 great practises!

Use themes and sections to organise your material

Instagram Stories may only play out in sequence, from the most recent to the oldest. However, as was previously indicated, several albums may be made in IG Highlights. Therefore, you may make one for each classification and organise your Stories by adding them to the appropriate albums. Your site’s visitors will appreciate the streamlined navigation experience this provides. In addition, you may put the albums in whatever sequence you choose. Just don’t go crazy with the albums, and save the Highlights for the best of your Stories. They are only the highlights, after all.

Have catchy titles and brief names

There must be a title and artwork for each record in your Highlights. Like any good advertisement, they benefit most from having limited text and striking pictures. Highlight names can be up to 15 characters long, but we recommend keeping it simple. If the names are brief enough, you may even use emojis. The covers of highlights are spherical and may feature any artwork. Album covers can be created using snippets of photos or completely original iconography. The only requirement is that everything fits nicely with your brand’s general aesthetic. To get your business off to a good start on Instagram, Pop Communications offers a basic hygiene package that includes a custom profile image, bio, and Highlights cover.

Exhibit your wares and collectibles

Introducing a brand-new offering to the market? You’ll also be using Instagram Stories to share some of its most effective ads. After 24 hours, potential buyers will no longer have access to those items or collections. So there’s no point in squandering the imaginatives. You may easily organise them into albums in Highlights. Albums titled “Products” or “Product Names” are likewise more likely to be seen by site visitors. It would be a nightmare to have to go through all of the postings to find them.

Advertise activities, campaigns, discounts, and deals

You may create a new album in Highlights just for Stories that promote upcoming activities, campaigns, promotions, or deals. After the lease has expired, you need only remove the slides from the album. Cool, huh? And boosts awareness during the time period of the campaign or event.

Keep track of your followers’ responses

The interactions between your brand’s page’s followers and visitors may be collected in a Highlights album. Include all of your interactive Instagram Stories, such as polls, quizzes, sliders, and Q&As. The time spent on your page by your readers is priceless. Don’t let it disappear in a day’s time.

Exhibit gushing customer reviews

Have any fantastic reviews you’d want broadcast to the world? Create a special album for them. Keep those encouraging comments permanently in your Instagram Highlights. If you only write posts on them, they’ll get lost in your feed.

Give them something they can use, like how-tos and tutorials.

If you offer things like electrical devices, tools, equipment, or even toys, this strategy may work wonders with tutorials. Customers are interested in learning about the product’s assembly, functionality, and potential uses. IKEA-style furniture sales? Walk them through the assembly process. LEGO-style toy sales? Exhibit your ingenuity with what you can create with it, and people will adore you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Instagram profile, like your website, may have a dedicated FAQ section. Try to guess how. The ‘Questions’ function of Instagram may be added to the first slide of your Stories, and the questions can be answered in the succeeding slides. Finally, make a Highlights album called “FAQ” and put all the Story slides to it. Ingenious, eh? Make a list of the most frequently asked questions (and their solutions) regarding your company, and publish it in the Highlights album.

Highlight the people that are representing your brand and having an impact

There’s a good reason you have people like brand ambassadors and social media influencers: they spread the word about your products and help you make sales. You should incorporate them into your Instagram highlights. Make a highlight reel featuring them and all the advertising materials they’ve made for you to show them off. exactly so you know, Highlights supports tagging exactly like Stories.

Promote user-created material

Is your company one of the few that benefits from free content produced by ecstatic clients who feel compelled to write about their positive experience with your brand? The ones that post about you on Instagram after trying on your clothing or eating at your restaurant? If you don’t save those special moments to your Highlights, you’re missing out on a marketing chance on Instagram. The most trustworthy and successful brand marketing in 2023 will be user-generated content, as we predicted in our blog.
There is no silver bullet when it comes to making the most of Instagram’s Highlights feature. Your web marketing plan and the type of brand you have will determine the outcome. And it helps immensely to have skilled, original brains carry things out on your behalf.

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