Oh, how we long for Instagram’s early days, when photos were square and videos weren’t allowed… Carousels, Stories, sponsored posts, and more have recently been introduced. Many things have shifted.

In other Instagram news, company pages have recently been added. If you’ve been using your personal Instagram account to promote your company, you may be wondering, “Should I convert to an Instagram business profile?”

Can you explain the distinctions between the two?

Analytics Availability

To begin with, the software does not provide profile administrators the success rates of their individual postings.

Using the app, you may track your growing number of followers once you upgrade to a business profile (instead of recording manually on a spreadsheet).

In this section, you’ll find demographic data such as the proportion of male to female followers, the number of followers broken down by age, the most popular cities, and more. (Here you may see all the data that Instagram shares.)

Instagram’s insights section provides statistics in the form of straightforward charts (such pie and bar graphs) that allow for a speedy assessment of progress.

Toggle on an Action Button

Aside from the website URL you may provide in your bio, switching to an Instagram business profile will allow users to directly contact you through the app.

Your email, phone, and physical addresses are all viable options.

In response to an email address, the user’s default email client will launch, in response to a phone number, the phone’s dialling function will launch, and in response to an address, the user’s default mapping application will launch. The word “Message” appears as well, allowing others to send you direct messages.
And that’s not even all of the possibilities open to you. You may embed a call-to-action button to promote your event on platforms like Eventbrite, Grubhub, and Yelp.

Promote Content Through Ads

As long as you have an Instagram account set up as a company, you may promote your brand through paid posts. A business profile is recommended if you want to invest money into expanding your Instagram following.

See how Ben & Jerry’s increased brand recognition and ad recall with Instagram advertising for their latest flavour.

Is it known to you that Agorapulse houses ad tracking? Furthermore, the Agorapulse dashboard displays all user feedback on your Instagram advertising.

Make use of Instagram Stories’ “Swipe Up” button

To use this function, your company’s profile must have at least 10,000 followers. For example, as Jason Pampell puts it, you may use this function to send people to your homepage, add an affiliate link to your site and start making money, or give your readers a clear instruction on what they should do next.

Don’t Let Your Skepticism Hold You Back

I’ve already explained the benefits you’d get from making the transition, but in all honesty, I have to address any concerns you might have.

At this point, I’ll start addressing some of the concerns that have been brought up often in online discussion threads and question and answer blogs.

Firstly, if your worst fears come true and you decide you no longer want a business profile on Instagram, you can always revert back to your personal account at any time.

A number of social media administrators have pointed out that only personal accounts can have several Facebook Pages linked to them. Since most businesses only maintain a single Facebook Page, this isn’t a concern for the vast majority of users. Using a third-party scheduling service like Agorapulse is preferable if the linkage may interfere with your cross-posting intentions.

Furthermore, Instagram users may choose to make their personal accounts public or private, while businesses are limited to making theirs visible to the general public.

Making ensuring your Instagram posts are seen to your target audience is a smart business move. Most firms should consider going public.

Get Over Your Fear Of Algorithms

I’ve seen a lot of internet concern that Instagram may penalise company profiles through the use of its algorithm, leading to less visibility and interaction for commercial accounts.

Christina d’Avignon, interviewed by Kurt Wagner of Recode, dismissed this concern, saying, “we treat everyone the same.”

Perhaps you still need more convincing. Let’s say you’ve calculated that switching to an Instagram business profile will reduce your reach by 1%. What if making that change boosted your profile views by 500 percent, from 1,500 to 5,000? Despite reaching more individuals, your engagement rate has dropped. That sounds like a worthwhile investment, don’t you think?

Utilize all of a company profile’s features to bolster your approach and strengthen your techniques. You might want to consider sacrificing a single measure if you think it would benefit your brand in the long run.

For this to happen, we’ll pretend the Instagram algorithm actively discriminates against company pages. Instead than relying on anecdotes and speculation, look for publications that are heavily based on evidence.

For this reason, it’s important to calculate whether or not the decrease in reach or engagement brought on by the Instagram algorithm is sufficient to outweigh the increase brought on by the advantages of an Instagram business profile.

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