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Tahoe bear co just hit its 1 year mark! i can not believe how fast time has gone! going back and looking at my first couple posts and first couple products and it is crazy to see how far i’ve come! i have learned so much in this past year and it is because of you guys! you guys constantly showing your support and encouraging me to branch out, try new products, etc. i could not be more thankful for you guys! •

i originally started tahoe bear co because of my pup, nanook, and it has been one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. i found a new love for sewing and i can not wait to see where it takes me in the future! i look forward to expanding my shop and really offering you some of the best products out there! •

when i started tahoe bear co i knew i didn’t want to be just another bandana company. i wanted to be different. and the buckle bandana allowed me to do exactly that. it has made pups wearing a bandana so much easier and very stylish! it took me so many tries to perfect this buckle bandana but once i perfected it, it became such an awesome option to have in my shop! •

again i can not thank you guys enough whether you are new followers or long time followers, i appreciate you more than you know! •

2 bandanas that have yet to be released.
1 bag of red barn bully slices ( @husky_named_nanook ) favorite.
1 king wild knot bear.
1 pet throw.
1 custom tag from @thetimbermutt .

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Спасаюсь от жары всеми сподручными средствами,в том числе и холодными фотографиями. Предлагаю посмотреть ледяной январский деревянный Егорьевск. Надеюсь,хоть немного охладить, хотя стакан мохито со льдом тоже был бы не лишним. А как вы справляетесь с жарой?
p.s. - дом на первом фото точно похож на пломбир в упаковке #наличники #егорьевск #жара2019 #окнадверимания #nalichniki #egorievsk_official #winter #sojanelas #egoryevsk

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The silence of winter gives way to the fury of the wind. the long-awaited storm is finally coming! i have been waiting for days for the elements to break out on this small peninsula of hokkaido. first a breeze and then a blizzard, the wind blows and is of incalculable violence. i find a fox in this turmoil, he walks his territory despite this storm. we meet face to face only a few meters away. a fleeting encounter in this turmoil. #lifeforthestory #canonbelgium #facetoface #fox #wildlifeencounters #instaphoto #instapix #hokkaido #japan #wildlife #wildlifephotography #wildlifephotographeroftheyear #winter #protectwildlife #newbook #naturelovers #naturephotography #swarovskioptik_nature #photographeanimalier #natgeo #natgeoyourshot #nationalgeographic #micheldoultremont follow me on fb : michel d'oultremont photographer

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O tempo não volta...
o que volta é a vontade de voltar no tempo ♡
look @pontodeartetricot
foto by @spovii
oferecimento @festmalhas_oficial
#inverno2019 #veminverno #look #tricolovers #otempo #winter #festmalhas2019 #ɑmorsemlimites #festmalhasjacutinga

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