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Psa for all my fur friends: it’s important to get regular checkups because that’s when those “high value” treats will appear. (thanks @fuzzypethealth ) 💉 #mojotherescue

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I am thrilled to be sharing a bed with her. can’t you tell? 🙄 #onlychildsyndrome #mojotherescue

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The look on my face when mom blames dad for something i did. 😏

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The fluff squad here ready to brighten your #mondaymood ☀️.
wanna sit with us? if so, bring @traderjoes chicken jerky cause that’s the only way to get us all to sit! 🤣

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“i solemnly swear i am up to no good.” -pongo weasley #goodboy #avadakedavra 👓 🗺

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