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Dropping gold coins. no pulse. no peddle rocking just steady! #weldporn #dimes

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Not complete! mid pipe down next is 14” more then a turn down in front the rear axle. cheeee

6 days ago comment 0 star 20

From last saturday all ot. 1/8” aluminum- outside corner joint 4 30” welds 6 24” welds.

6 days ago comment 1 star 23

Maybe tomorrow i throw it on the truck. stainless candy.

6 days ago comment 0 star 13

(left to right) argon steady bottle pressure-to- basically cranking it up to have any flow! when i started tig welding just a lil while ago in high school i taught my self to tig weld on box cutter blades because that’s what i could get my hands on! this is me now. with my argon very low the bottle is now done!

2 weeks ago comment 2 star 22

Lonely welder nobody like work ot, no worry mo fo me! more plz!

2 weeks ago comment 2 star 26

45° pie 2.25” ss exhaust work

2 weeks ago comment 2 star 15

No welding on any of my projects tonight. made some pie though for something,and got some r&d on the scx10ii.

2 weeks ago comment 1 star 21

10 min blue 🌸

2 weeks ago comment 7 star 29

Stage rally car dreams (hill climb pikes peak)

2 weeks ago comment 2 star 11

Fits good @aloha.kalela

2 weeks ago comment 2 star 18

I’ve needed to organize my utensils so i made a tray that fits me. i’ll put cap on the ends and then i’m done!

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