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I'm a real good boy. most probably the bestest. so of course i'm helping pawpaw with the daily chores.

here i am assembling all the dirty, stinky laundry that needs to be washed urgently!! happy sunday funday my precious furriends! ☀
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Yes, we're both very comfortable. thank you for asking, pawpaw.

happy caturday my frens!

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When you don't have a nose so you try to bite that weird thing off your sister's face... oopsie daisy 😳

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The darts are live at #allypally london🎯 you know me as a really tough and edgy guy, so naturally i am rooting for my furriend @michael180smith aka „bully boy“ to win it.
give me snackies, if you love the darts!
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Giving that pawpawrazzi the stink eye for allegedly capturing my (non-existent) soft spot for ellie the smellie again. fyi, i was just checking if there's some leftover snackie crumbs on that kitty pout.

p. s. : someone must feed her well. look at that plump loaf of floof... 🙀

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Merry christmas, feliz navidad, joyeux noël and fröhliche weihnachten to my beautiful followfurrs all around the world! 🌲🌟 pawpaw says he's so thankful for our growing furrmily this year and being able to share that with our beloved cat community. well yeah, thanks for your insight you big softie. i'm just thankful that this stinking gremlin makes me look like the sweetest, gentlest, kindest and best behaving fluffball in the world (cause that will pay off in snackies if you know what i mean). anyhow swipe right to see some behind the christmas photoshoot scenes and discover why those angel wings might be the worst and obviously the wrong choice in disguising-cat-history.

sending kisses, love and purrs to all of you!

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It's chrissy eve and i won't stop looking for santa until i can tell him that ellie the smellie belongs on the naughty list and i deserve all of her prezzies.
wish me luck everypawdy!

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Hello my dear furriends,
just a casual reminder what should be your number one top priority on santa's wishlist.... me!

and oh hello, pawpaw!
just a casual reminder i'm so skinny that i fit in this teenie tiny box i found on the floor. not saying i'm being starved or anything but where dem snackies sir?! #festivegary #tinybox #bigfloof #goodboy #ellieisonsantasnaughtylist #ijs

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When someone says the buffet is open 😹

happy caturday everypawdy! ❤️ #puzzledgary #ruthlesssiblings #lifeingaryskingdom #growingupwithsiblings #caturday

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Nobody told me that siblings go that extra mile and even try to copy your meowdeling poses. so annoying!! too bad for her, she hasn't mastered the dramatic look away yet. enjoy your caturday furriends! 😻

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