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All of our hair objet come with a sexy fishnet clutch and comb 🖤 tap to check out luxe hair accessories that won’t be clashing with your jewelry ✨

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When your hair elastic blends in⚡️🖤⚡️

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Lucky link 🍀🔗 elevating the basic elastic ⚡️ •

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When designing hair objet i wanted to make sure it didn’t clash with your jewelry. but sometimes the hair cuffs look good piled up on their own ⚡️sky scraper fringe earrings 💎 solid & open pill hair cuffs 💊 •

•📸 @markalaniantosca @stonesetstudio ✂️ @nelsonvercher 💄 @raquel_vargas_1015

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Omg @annehathaway wearing the uva earrings on the @colbertlateshow last night. styled by @luxurylaw @maryofcourse 💜 •

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One of my favorite pieces. the tennis necklace • this one was made custom for a client w a pink sapphire clasp 💕 •

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How much do you love the way @priyadeluxe styled her solid pill hair cuff ⚡️ •

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We all need a jlo moment every once in awhile, right? a touch of glam with the large hair pin⚡️ •

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When your hair accessories double as your jewelry⚡️hair objet ™️⚡️

#hairaccessories #hairjewelry #deborahpagani • model @avi_ously__ hair: @nelsonvercher @ritahazan make up:@raquel_vargas_1015 photo:@markalaniantosca @stonesetstudio

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Night out in paris with the husband and friends @lepiafparis 🥂🥖🎼

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The modern twist • introducing hair objet, accessories that won’t clash with your jewelry • these hair pins add instant style to any updo (and are super easy to use) • to purchase, click link in bio •#deborahpagani #hair #hairaccessories #hairstyles

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